Joseph McD. Burke

I’m a concerned citizen of liberal persuasion – your average Joe.

Nothing of value to declare…

Opinion…holds little value in our modern world.  But then, it seems, neither do facts.  Even indisputable ones. But the specific gravity of “plausibility” still manages to grab our attention. 

I mean, isn’t that a hell of a state of affairs?  Everything is just kind of “blowin’ in the wind” out there. Even with all the huge stuff that’s going on right now.  Yep.  Opinion versus facts.  Select the truth you want to believe, and…just go with it.  Sarah versus Obama.  Elisabeth Warren versus the Banking system. Glen Beck versus the NYT.  Warming/no warming.  Spend money you don’t have or shrink spending for services that people desperately need. Take your pick…doesn’t seem to make a bit of difference which one. Nothing much happens anyway.

Which leads to the core question of the day…why on earth am I doing a “blog”?

Don’t really have a good answer for that one.  I’m basically going to try out using a blog to find out how to say things that makes things stick.  How to say things that people will say “you know…that makes sense to me.  I think I’ll believe that – and go with it”.  Plausibility based pretty much on face validity. 

Not at all sure what form this will take. I mean, about the only thing people take deadly seriously these days is disaster stuff that scares the hell out of them. Weather disasters, oil spill disasters, economic disasters, rich and famous melt down disasters, Lindsay Lohan cutting disasters. ‘Off the Island’ disasters. You know.  That…and terror stuff. Random off the wall crazed people who are willing to blow themselves up they are so pissed. That kind of stuff.  That…people take seriously.  Even though it’s absolutely insane.

So I’m thinking we need to try something else to get people to listen up…

I’m thinking maybe some combination of common sense and the blatantly obvious holds some promise.  Like “break through reality”.  Things like… “well, the reason the economy isn’t any better than it is…is because people don’t have enough money to buy stuff they don’t really need”.  Yeah.  That makes sense, sort of…don’t you think?  Nice and clean and simple and easy to understand — and hard to dispute.

I’m thinking maybe a little humor too.  That’d be good, I think.  Keep it interesting.  And entertaining enough to where things don’t get preachy or too cute or bore-ass predicable. And I promise I’ll try to keep it relevant and meaningful…and maybe important. 

Yep.  So that’s going to be my blog…and we’ll just have to wait and see if content is content-ious enough to stick…to bring people back every once in a while.


4 Responses to “Joseph McD. Burke”

  1. lisa Says:

    you are awesome! you need to be linking to other blogs and other stuff…you need to add to your blogroll…you need to submit stuff to huffpo. xoxo


  2. Tom Says:

    Only by cleaning out old emails was I fortunate enough to come across a link to your Blog space. It would be an understatement to say I am not impressed. Quite the contrary, your writings are exciting, touching, controversial, and often inspirational for their honesty, intimacy, and clarity. I have not read them all, just yet, but what I have read has persuaded me to return to read the rest another day. While I may not share in all your viewpoints, you have boldly shared them with articulation and some persuasion that gives me pause and thoughtful contemplation. Perhaps, they might even change some of my cherished viewpoints and beliefs. I look forward to seeing more of your cogent thoughts in the future. I also wonder whether you will step into the political arena (fray?) as a force for change in our culture and society (Go where no man dares go…), or at least get published in book-form for the masses. Meanwhile, keep on blogging…


  3. Barbara Simmonds Says:

    Just began to read your blog, Joseph. ! Great! Happy Thanksgiving! B.


  4. Thomas Porter Says:

    JOE BURKE – OH MY GOD! (Your words)… I hope this note finds you well & happy, been a long time… since the M days. Write to me sometime.


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