America, too big to fail…?

Ultimately – after the revolution is over – pragmatism and right reason and common sense and sanity will force the crazy fucker sociopaths and the ‘corrupted beyond redemption’ out to the extreme edges of the body politic where they belong – and a reasonable center will re-emerge.

Or the America, as we know it, will break up into 4 or 5 separate free standing countries – with Texas being one of them, where all the right (and left) extremists will be forced to live – where they will eat each other…and “right reason” will return to the land.

I think that if we continue to skate on fixing this hijacked bought up piece of shit government of ours with out assuming a dead serious “Sander’s like” tsunami of reform – the country is doomed.

If we don’t fix it now (and frankly a large part of me believes we’ve already waited too long) – about the only way to wrest control from the entrenched oligarchs will be to break the country up by regional secession of states – who are strong enough to survive economically – and that are big enough and strong enough and have the resource base to pull it off – and to sustain themselves independently.

That should pretty much geld the current batch of assholes who are controlling the “too big to fail” Federal Government game – by obviating the legal and economic mechanisms that currently allows the massive overreach of the military…the insidiously intrusive surveillance and data collection industry…the obscene obstructionist ‘robber baron’ oil an gas industries…big health care/big pharma…big agriculture… and big banks and huge corporate monopolies…and collusion and duplicity and corruption everywhere.

Then, once all the oligarchs are flushed out of the snake pit formerly known as America – all these autonomous newly formed countries can think about if they might want to join up together again. And if they want to…they can get about re-writing a new constitution for the all new and freshly rolled up “American Common Market” that makes sense and fits the financial, ecological. Geo-political reality of the times and circumstances we live in…and insures a political and financial system that is filled with reasonable and appropriate controls and oversight – that is free from institutionalized corruption.

There. Life after oligarchs…next?


J.McD.Burke – Feb 9, 2016


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