Is there a way to suspend the 2016 election process?

I’m dead serious on this. I have reached the point where I am completely convinced that democracy in America has become so entirely corrupted that holding an election in this moment of disintegration of political process, insidious manipulation by powerful and self-serving finance and corporate elites outside of the government – and the abject insane defiance by GOP candidates of right reason on issues threatening survival of the species…is inconceivable right now.

I think that risking the future of our dear country by handing over the reins of leadership to a soft-spoken know nothing babbling incompetent, or a felon, or a megalomaniac, or a bought up right-wing pawn, or a bigoted racist, or a professional malcontent, or a blood filled necked militarist, or a NRA toady, or a dynastic loser with really bad family history on dealing with big issues – is too great a risk to be allowed to happen right now.

There’s way too many secret influencers in this game right now. Way too much dark money and murky donors who scare the hell out of me. Too much divisive trickery. Too much hijacking of governmental decision-making. Too much bribery. Too much beholding. Too much extortion. Too much gerrymandering. Too much election machine and voting rights tampering. Too much deceitful politicking. Too much bold-faced lying. Too much fear-mongering. Too much diverting focus from massively important issues. Too much spin. Too much angry invective. Too much media involvement and partisan dishonesty.

And there are too many hugely important and critical decisions to be made across the entire spectrum of our lives – each and all requiring the best and smartest decisions we are capable of making.

I’m thinking that the best thing we can do right now, given the clear presence and stench of corruption seen at every level of the process – is to to shut it all down and suspend national elections until we clean up this snake pit that has become our money and influence besotted election process…and indeed our legislative process. Our congress and our political process has become an obscene joke.

Getting it right the first time is absolutely critical in these precarious times. We are rapidly reaching a point where it will be impossible to fix this country. And given what we are looking at in the field right now, only Bernie seems to be virgin enough – and only he seems to have a grasp of the magnitude of the problems we need to be dealing with.

If we could be assured of a Bernie outcome, and could accept that Bernie’s the horse to ride – we will need to make damn sure he’s surrounded by a solid bullet proof people’s mandate – and an A Team cabinet…and is allowed to install legal protections to act with impunity for the length of his terms in office.

If elected, his mandate needs to be cleaning up the place. Period. That means we need to figure out how to deal with, and over-ride, a do nothing/obstructive congress (which Paul Ryan is only going to try to make more dysfunctional if a conservative right-wing zealot isn’t elected president).

If we can’t be assured of a Bernie or a Bernie clone who the majority of the population is will to support – then I think we need to shut the whole thing down – and maintain status quo and let the people’s voice ‘not to proceed’ settle into political consciousness – and then resume the political process when we can be assured that the process is safe enough to use again.  It is not safe to use currently.


J.McD.B – Dec 5, 2015


One Response to “Is there a way to suspend the 2016 election process?”

  1. Barbara Simmonds Says:

    Friend Joseph: Thee speaks my mind. Thank you, B.


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