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the power of two…

August 2, 2015

I love Bernie Sanders to pieces – I agree with damn near everything he’s ever said. And he’s said a lot. All of it important. Critically so. ┬áBut it’s time to stop screwing around. Bernie’s one man band needs to show an “A” team of rough and tumble, like-minded big league pros to pull this thing off.

I’m thinking that Joe Biden may just be exactly what Bernie Sanders needs to get elected. Two of the cleanest politicians in the business. Both men of highest integrity – of largely common vision and common purpose – who are dedicated to rebuilding the core ethics and values of the country – and are completely committed to serving the American people. And, who most importantly, aren’t bought up toadies of the corporations and scum bag wheeler-dealer bankers, hyper rich oligarchs, dark money donors, NRA and energy and pharma lobbyists, the dirty dog military industrialists – and the blackmailer goons of the far right (Christian and otherwise). Together these guys are smart, philosophically dead on, and are the absolute anthesis of the diabolical creeps who have destroyed our country. And between the two of them have the chops and the high-powered national and international experience – and knowledge of the political process – and have the political networks – to get shit done, right now. Mostly what they have is that they actually care about the country and the people who comprise it. And they are completely trusted. Back to back they are precisely what this country needs. Add in a touch of Elizabeth Warren and I’m thinking this piece of shit government we’ve been with since the blatantly evil neocon assholes and openly insane tea partiers took the country over and despoiled it – stands a chance of staging a serious comeback.


J McD Burke – August 1, 2015