New racists are just like the old racists. In fact they are the old racists!

So obvious I missed it completely. Across the whole spectrum of people I know (which is a lot broader than your average bear old white guy)…the most blatant racists and bigots and religious extremists I know – are pretty much the exact same racists, bigots and extremist I knew 50 years ago – who went underground way back when, when it was hard to get away with being publicly aberrant and mean-to-the- bone, assholes. Millennials are pretty evolved actually. So are most working folks who work side by side with each other.

So maybe MLK had a positive impact on America after all. But for the old white herd filling the ranks of the extreme right today – who should have learned the lessons of equality and fairness and fair play – well, they’re right back out in the open – where they were before they were forced to shut up…liberated by the practice of institutionalized bigotry and racism we have allowed to be re-created – and by the blatantly sociopathic disrespect for the President and the institutions we have allowed to become criminally corrupted.

Everyone’s treating this years “white privilege” and “Black Lives Matter” rallying cries like they’re some big surprise “reveal” that a whole lot of whites have it made, while black folks ain’t got shit…especially in things that translate into opportunity like education, worthy and decent paying jobs that provide for financial sustainability, fairness to access – decent schools to be true to, and simple community safety and a stable environmental and personal living spaces that allows hope to be possible enough to keep on trying.

Well, given who the racists and the bigots and the haters are (mostly and primarily old white racists and bigots from yesterday, plus their downstream)…you can rest completely assured that they are very much aware of the difference between whites that have and blacks who have not.

These people don’t need their awareness of what white privilege means to be raised…or to be taught about the ethical and moral inequities involved in subjugating whole races for eternity. They know precisely what the deal is.

They always have known. They built the damn system and keep it alive. They were just laying low until it was safe to be an “out loud racist” again. Well we got a whole heard of these crazy bastards out there now, busy scheming what stupid (vicious) shit they can do to dissemble this country this time.


JMB – July 2015 (modified from a March 22, 2015 Facebook post)


2 Responses to “New racists are just like the old racists. In fact they are the old racists!”

  1. bob rinaldi Says:

    MLKJr set civil rights back 2-3 generations


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