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March 13, 2015

I’ve been thinking about what we are really looking at with all the barely quasi racist open assaults on Obama these past few months, and all the back room maneuvering to define an acceptably atrocious  conservative agenda to guide the GOP march to the 2016 elections…and Bibi’s blatant pitch for war before the joint houses of congress and the blatancy of the gang of 47 GOP leadership – and have pretty much concluded that we may well be witnessing the first rounds of a “coup” attempt by the extreme right to depose Obama’s authority and to force this country into a war in the Middle East, starting with Iran.

We have Iraq as an example of just how far the neocons, AIPAC, the military and their war machine lobbies, and the extreme right are willing to go to foment and propagate and cause war.

To interpret what has just occurred with the Bibi move and by the gang of 47 – as some spontaneous hollow and meaningless mis-judgement by a newbie kid Senator and the riled up conservative right wing of this country, is completely naive. It is a deliberately planned, carefully considered and committed action taken by men who don’t screw around pumping there fists in the air.

Contrarily, I’m thinking these definitely connected moves by the extreme militarist leadership of the GOP as having all the markings of a real deal takeover of the US government.

Which leads to the question, where are all the creepy Blackwater guys these days.


JMB – March 2015