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Profound and Extreme Gratitude for our Moses…

February 11, 2015

Jon Stewart held the water open for truth to be spoken in the incredibly dark years of the Bush Administration.  While the Press cowered, he did not. 

So. Let me say it out loud and with extreme and profound gratitude — Jon Stewart, as host of “The Daily Show” was, for the entire Bush/Chaney era – the “ONLY” consistent voice of defiance and honesty against the immorality and corruption and perversion and evil intent of that administration’s wholesale destruction of American values and integrity…and economy and…international self-respect.

Thank you Jon. You are my highest order of hero. As a comedian with a conscience and a strong sense of integrity and justice, you found the voice of national court jester, and spoke truth to power clearly and boldly and courageously and without hesitation – and with great measure and intelligence, while the entire US and World Press Corp completely abdicated and said nothing – for years!

For those years you carried the whole weight Jon Stewart. The whole goddamn weight of the truth, that was blocked by an administration who did not want anyone to know what they were doing – and who intimidated an entire press corp to keep truth of what they were doing hidden from us…a truth screaming to be heard…but found no voice to speak but yours.

You found traction by making the endless stream of national obscenities flowing from Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Bolton, Powell and George Tenant, and their gangs of deciptful mad men…ironically and satirically funny enough to unequivocally establish the points made, and to nail them on the wall, without diminishing the importance of the messages.

You were brilliant. You walked the line where the size of the laugh depends on the dimension of hideousness of the stories told – and the inherent obscenity and ludicrousness of them to make the reveal most outrageously funny. You went for the big laughs. And for that instinct for the jugular, I again thank you. The big truth got out.

Mostly dear Jon, in whom I will be forever grateful…I thank you for your bravery in stuffing truth up the asses of power. They never laid a hand on you. You never blinked. And they never figured out how to shut you down without bringing the wrath of at least half a country on top of their heads.

You were, and have been, the one bright spot in a duplicitous media sewer. You were our only voice of reason against a constant barrage of Fox spew, and the mindless clamor of all the rest of the national media representing the 50 shades of shade – trying to pawn themselves off as degrees of liberal righteousness, with their only claim being that they were at least more liberal than the shit tank than fed the insane right. We knew they were all pandering right wing bullshitters. We had you and your Daily Show as a reference point for what real and honest was.  You made us more aware, more reality based, angrier…and braver.

Needless to say, the press still panders and lies and misrepresents and colludes…and still shades the shade they call the truth. And while we…at least those of us who comprise the lion’s share of the nation’s “truth seekers” will miss you horribly dear friend…we fear the truth may well suffer with your departure.

Not too sure what happens after Moses stops holding the water open.

Thank you sir, for all you have done for this country…

JMBurke – Feb 9, 2015