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Obama became easy to dislike…that’s why.

November 7, 2014

He never fought the good fight. He never was credibly righteous even when his was the moral high ground to assume by default. He never did what we wanted him to do – to take strong and unassailably correct positions – even when we all knew he’d be crushed by the extreme right. We didn’t care. We wanted him to be on record. We wanted him to tell the truth no matter what. And he blew it. He never even tried to stop corruption in the governmental process. He never even tried to nail the bastards who destroyed our economy. He never said a word about how Clinton opened the floodgates of financial opportunism that corrupted the American political system from top to bottom. He never once did a thing to prosecute Bush and his senior administrators for the trumped up and fabricated invasion of Iraq…for deliberately ignoring the information that the Saudi’s were going to crash planes into the Twin Towers…for selling out to huge oil…for fraud, illegal search and seizure of rendition, for suspension of habeas corpus law, for violation of all privacy rights and for an endless series of human rights violations – and for torturing of prisoners. But, where I gave up on Obama was when he crossed the line, and became our country’s “Assassin in Chief”, complete with a punch list and an assault team charged with doing the dirty work. I was appalled when I watched him sitting attentively at the White House TV with his closest cabinet members – watching a tightly choreographed assassination team of SEALs do their deal. Like he thought we’d think it was a good thing. Then the drones. Remote High Definition digital assassination. And thinking we might think that was cool as well.  Watching our country murdering people under the watchful and approving eye of our “Assassin in Chief” and his direct reports.

Obama blew it, and we of proper mind and good hearts who put him in office twice – allowed him to “creep out” without saying a word. We are all grown ups here. We all were completely aware that Obama had not only not responded as the fair and righteous champion of right reason and just cause as we wanted him to be – but that he actually bought into all those things we wanted him to rail about and to fix.

He gave the Bushies a pass, for god’s sake – then became an extension of the corrupt policies we hated by extending the war into Afghanistan and now again in the pursuit of ISIS throughout the Middle East. Guantanamo is still in operation…the Patriot Act powers are still in place and the surveillance and personal data collection have been ramped up beyond imagination – at the same time it has been made very clear the people this systems were designed to control are us, the citizens of the United States, and not a handful of terrorist groups we are already fully aware of.

Obama, as President, has done nothing to prosecute the banking leadership who destroyed the economy for the past ten years. He has not said a word about the disgraceful businessman positions the US has taken on global warming. Or fracking. Or the total corruption of the political process created by Citizens United and unlimited campaign financing…or destruction of key voter rights rules and legislation…or the horrendous impact of states gerrymandering on state level voting integrity.

Bottom line the Democrats lost the whole game because of our President’s lack of integrity where it really counts. Everyone knew that the extreme right controlled Congress and that he would not be able to get anything done that would require Congressional approval. We accepted that as a given of his presidency. But what we wanted him to do…that he could do…he didn’t do.  He didn’t call it the way it was. He postured and bullshitted and ultimately played footsie with the enemy when the American people wanted him desperately to tell the truth. He gave away the one card he had to play. He gave away  “moral authority.

Barack blew it pretty much all by himself. He “creeped out” when all we wanted was a stand up guy who cared enough about us, to tell us the truth. Sort of like Bernie Sanders does. Bottom line…we just flat out stopped liking him anymore when it was pretty clear he stopped caring about his own integrity.

JMBurke – November 14