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Just awful…

September 21, 2014

I want Britney Spears and Elizabeth Warren to approve all future appropriations for funding the next war in the Middle East.

I don’t want John Kerry anywhere near the decision. He’s like an average guy who tries too hard to look smart. I don’t trust that in a man. I don’t trust and don’t believe a single general, past or present, to tell the truth.  I want any and all lobbyists (past, present and certainly future) completely separated from the decision process forever (they have no ‘legal’ right to be involved to begin with – given their ‘corrupt’ status). And the thought of having the House being the deliberative and approval agent for anything what so ever – is totally specious. With their collective sell out to campaign finance dark forces, they have abdicated their rights to represent us in the democratic process. Period. I don’t want them in my life anymore.

Except of course for Elizabeth Warren. She’s a virgin…and an oracle perhaps, and she tells the truth. And she’s a Senator anyway.  And Britney. Britney is incapable of lying. And she’s cute in an asexual Disney sort of way.

Beyond all the despair evoking crud our agenda laden leadership is generating in almost every aspect of our lives, and world…I am seeing (in the Scotland referendum and here and elsewhere) that folks are looking like they’ve about had enough of all this completely dysfunctional nonsense.

Fact is, is that our governance and leadership and legislative process is just awful.

The thought of having the House (or the Senate for that matter) having anything what so ever – to do with “approving” yet another war in the middle east – or establishing directions for anything impacting the future (fracking/pipeline, global warming, tax reforms, etc.) is horrifying to me.  I don’t trust a single one of them to do anything but what their owners (big oil/big agriculture/big banks and bigger security firms/big military/big Pharma/big data and personal information and surveillance) want them to do. And that, America, is a truly sad state of affairs.

But finally people are coming out of their fog-of-disbelief and “say it isn’t so” delusion…to the point where pretty much everybody knows how truly bad it really is now – and they’re sick of it – and they are getting way more vocal about it. And that’s really encouraging to me.

So if it takes collapse and failure to get these assholes out of the way and to get real, reality based change moving — then let’s encourage it and embrace it. We just can’t keep going on like this.

I’m thinking the “get out of the UK” Scots and the Islamic State guys have something in common with the rest of us. We’re all sick to death of being hustled, manipulated, lied to, dismissed, not listened to what-so-ever, bullied,  controlled, abused, and quite unbelievably…erased from the freedom and democracy board.

Not much to like with our current players. They certainly aren’t working for the greater good of America. They are just awful. And they are just awful everywhere and in every way.

Sometimes it takes a  heart attack before a self destructive patient stops smoking and eating and behaving stupidly (I know these things). Some times the patient gets lucky when their doc catches the problem in the annual physical before the heart attack occurs – and they do the bypass because all agree that it makes sense to do so before real damage is done.

We’re beyond bypass, I’m afraid. So let’s just have the heart attack and get it over with.  Our creepy nasty punk minders need to be tossed over the side.  Immediately for god’s sake. All the chips are in play right now. The whole world is a stake here. We have no time left.

And the House of Representatives…and the rest of our “elected” representatives?

Think about it.

Just awful.

JMB – Sept 14