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Inured  — Whatever.

April 15, 2014

Maybe it’s all those serenified AA folks who just sort of collectively decided in their discerning “wisdom to know the difference” that all the things that are shrieking to get dealt with in this world  — just don’t get on the list because they are comprised of issues that personal experience tells us are “things I cannot change”.

Then there’s the dreaded Buddhism which tells its practitioners pretty much the same thing.  And Yoga. And and, and…

And then it’s entirely possible that the media drone of the past twenty years – where no body said shit about what was going on on really important things — and in fact created an scrim of deception comprised of incessant imagery of disinformation and anti-reality that, in no time flat, disassociated people from real world perceptual anchors.

It doesn’t help much that our eyes have been spot welded on a constant stream of mind numbing drivel and amped up sexuality and violence in TV shows and movies – that fed pure fake and contrived versions of “reality” to allow broken ego-ed viewers to pretend the their delusional alter egos they were watching were real…and that life is there to be lived only in the second.

Maybe straddling the edges of multiple abysses – any one of which is life threatening — has become so scary, that our collective need to escape reality — has pulled a whole nation full of otherwise perfectly nice, sane, responsible and civic minded people through a cosmic worm hole to  the relative safety of a parallel world of “self absorption” and “fear evoked isolation” — and denial of reality — and delusion that fake real actually is real real  — and where “there’s nothing you can do about it anyway”.

Bottom line, people seem to have lost the instinct to “care” anymore – let alone act — or to collectively do something that might pull us out of this disastrous state of mind.

Maybe it just the size of everything that is so daunting…or how small and powerless we citizens have become.


Maybe smoldering. Hope so…



J. M. Burke — April 14, 2014


On Murky People and Dark Money…

April 3, 2014

OK then.  The Supreme Court just opened the flood gates on “murky people” who spend “dark money” and their ability to cast aspersions, innuendo, invective and disinformation to influence election outcomes.  Unfettered creepiness.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

One, dark money is in fact aggregations of “donations” that come from really rich individuals, corporations, and like and similar political funding sources that allow donors to purchase advertising across all media to support election efforts of chosen candidates — and to achieve legislative and social agenda that are advantageous to them and their personal, political and corporate constituencies.

Donors to these unlimited political influencing funds remain anonymous. And as such, can never be connected to the message content they are funding…so they cannot be held accountable for the slander, deliberate misdirection or untruth contained  in the messages they pay to run. Bottom line, donors can use the dark money device to take positions they can keep from being associated with.  Some times really nasty positions — like totally fabricated “swift boating” messages that were used to disparage and discredit John Kerry in his presidential bid.

Advertising purchased with dark money — in support of a political candidate’s position — or against a political opposite’s position — can be over-the-top extreme and vicious and loaded with innuendo — and never be associated with the candidate beneficiary of the dark money advertising.

Murky people can say pretty much what ever they want to say in a candidate’s behalf and against their political opposites — with impunity.

Dark money messages, almost by definition, are loaded with political intent. This kind of money isn’t collected, aggregated and laundered across similar organizations so nobody can tie the message back to the donor — without the focused deliberate intention to improve the election chances of the favored candidate…and to erode/destroy the opposition’s candidate.

Because they can, those who create and produce and pay for these ads feel free to make claims, charges and insinuations that are frequently way over the line legally…let alone ethically and morally. When you see or hear or read an un-ascribed dark money ad you really need to spend a moment to think about what the ‘murky ones’ are intending — and about the extent to which they are willing to go to accomplish their agenda and political objectives.

The Supreme Courts decision to allow “unlimited” donations to candidates and to political funding sources utilizing dark money — to influence political outcomes, has made the role of the ordinary citizen in the candidate selection and election process vastly more difficult and important than ever before in history.

We can no longer rely on our innate ability to passively listen to all the noise generated by all the various sides to get a sense of who and what is at stake in the campaign process, and then to just form a decision as to who you’re going to vote for.

No. Yesterday the selection election game changed completely for American citizens.

Now the noise level will be amplified by a factor of infinity — and the vast majority of that noise will be made by the super elites and huge corporations and political parties with agenda that most normal people feel are opposed to their own well-being — who in spending the money to secure a candidates election are in fact “buying” the candidates votes in their behalf.

So we need to be very careful this year — and very reflective and discerning and thoughtful about what we see and hear and read. It’s literary down to the point where it’s the people against the murky nasty hidden ones who are attempting to buy up total control to pursue agendas that are definitely not in our interest. Anti-humans against humans.

One has to question and keep questioning why the murky people who are funding all these ads wouldn’t be doing all this completely transparently — right out in the open. And bragging about it.  But they are not, which speaks reams about the messages and the intent.

These guys, and the candidates they support and lie for, are not working in our behalf people. We need to own the thought. Red and Blue aren’t the enemies here. It’s oligarchs against we humans that we need to be worrying about.


J.McD.B. — April 2014

They say that Capitalism is pretty much dead. I agree.

April 2, 2014

Capitalism requires competition. No competition — what you get is a Stasis Economy. A Stasis Economy essentially is a “replacement” economy.

A Stasis Economy is destined to fail. Collapse coming from a toxic mix of ever rising prices, ever reduced product quality, and an increasingly dispirited and frustrated work force — in a market place punctuated by high unemployment, continually lowering wages…and collapse of sustaining household incomes. An economy that cannot sustain itself. We have an economy that can no longer sustain itself.

Without competition, a Stasis Economy has no reason to make new products…nor does it have any motivation or incentive to make product improvements (except ones that reduce costs), or to compete through marketing to increase market share. They all ready have all the market share they can cost justify getting. Growing share by acquisition is over. There aren’t any acquisitions left to make. Default growth through competitive failure is about all that’s left.

And, because of high unemployment — companies have no real incentive to pay or treat employees fairly…or to do anything that might stimulate domestic job growth and wage growth. They like it just where it is. Cheap and getting cheaper, and offshore.

A Stasis Economy is a step along the way from Capitalism to economic failure. One notch away.

We are in a Stasis Economy.

Thieves and their “toadies” prosper in a Stasis Economy. They’re the only ones who do.

The thieves and toadies are prospering like a son-of-a-bitch if you hadn’t noticed.


J. McD. Burke  — April 2014