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Boehner bites it at the SOTU

January 29, 2014

State of the Union. Pretty sad by all accounts. Pathetic by last night’s “I’ll show you obstructionist bastards…” SOTU attempt to preserve presidential dignity.

Not that I think there’s a single thing wrong with adopting an “I’ll do what I can do” strategy. Particilarly if you can’t get anything done with the buzzard puke inglorious bastards who control the house and — by obstruction — the conditions that frame and cause, to no small degree, the pathetic “state of the nation” — most of which  the President didn’t deal with last night.
I sent the President a letter which I later posted as a blog some years back, on precisely on the “do what you can do” subject a number of SOTU speeches ago.  So hooray for finally dealing with, and accepting reality Mr President…but I sure hope you expand your field of righteousness and fury beyond the choked up “field of fire” you payed out last night.
Your Executive Order/Presidential influence strategy is the greatest tool you have to punish the obstructionists who have destroyed our country…and to set a compelling agenda for future directions that fits massive emerging worldwide environmental, social/cultural, geopolitical, economic and world order realities.  No one can lay a glove on you. It’s your play.
So strap ’em on pardner (that’s six guns were talking about here) and don’t blink. Your legacy awaits you. And know that those of us who took great relish watching John Boehner’s abject embarrassment in being forced to sit in protest on the cascade of issues and actions you presented — that were all sensible, on point, needed, and morally impeccable — while happy and joyful Joe leapt to his feet to applaud…are with you all the way.
FYI. The imagery provided by the stand up/sit down dance between Joe Positive and Morose John was devastating …and was the highlight of the evening. Have a great day sir!  You earned it.