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George Zimmerman keeps boiling over. Anyone really surprised?

November 21, 2013

So – how far away was George Zimmerman from the Newtown psycho who killed 22 little kids and his mom and a teacher?  How far away is George Zimmerman from the Boston ethnic Chechens who wrote rage a bit larger to make a bigger statement?

I mean why would a chubby pathetic loner tough-guy-cop-wan-a-be — want to become something he was not – and only could be by arming up – and by becoming a lurking stalker semi sanctioned vigilante of lone neighborhood black kids.

This is a central question folks.  Why?  What motivated young George to get a gun – learn how to use it — and then to go out on the lonely patrol, that no one asked him to go on…to fight crime and to protect the good citizens of Stamford FL from themselves — in a very non American way.  Why?  What on earth would make a young man think that any of this was a good idea?  What did he have in mind?

Forget about his selection of a young 17 year old black kid as victim…and how he might have made sense out of doing what he did.  Forget the trial that found him not guilty of anything.  Forget the media circus that played all the corners of this insanity.  Forget every thing else. Just forget it all…and concentrate your thoughts on why would a young — somewhat less than ‘average bear’ kid — choose to ‘gun up’ and play midnight vigilante.  Like what could he possible have in mind that could fuel his obsession to the degree that it did?

Well, let me say something out loud — and see if that will help you get your arms around this whole thing.  He wanted to kill a black kid!  That’s why.

I don’t think there can be any other reason.

Way down in his core being, George is a confused screwed up psycho racist who wanted to vent his feeling of inferiority and isolation by killing a representative of a race he believed was even more inferior that he was.

He chose a self-confident, hooded, implicitly threatening…17 year old black kid who was strutting though his neighborhood talking on his phone like he owned the place.

George saw the opportunity to fulfill the fantasy objective, which had filled his mind since he first hatched the idea and catalyzed the whole gun, fake cop/vigilante “stand your ground” insane asylum.  And he did it.

The thought had been in his head since the first moment he saw the possibility that he could do what he had unquestionably had been thinking about for years…and could get away with it.  Why else would he buy a gun, and go through the whole drill to become the lonely mid-night guardian of justice.  Thoughts and obsessions like George’s need to be paid off.

George is an everyday, garden variety, whack job.  Probably always has been.  At minimum, George is seriously mentally ill.  He wanted to kill a black kid.  He wanted to make himself feel better.  He wanted to show those people that they weren’t going to get away with swaggering around scaring and intimidating people with their degenerate sagging pants and hooded gangster clothing and black attitude and bullshit tough talk.  He saw the opportunity…made the plan…worked it to the point he felt he could pull it off…and made his move when the opportunity showed up.

George is nuts.  Driven by a lifetime of rejection and being treated as the odd man out.  Fueled by a terrible self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy…and controlled rage.

If some one had bothered to look, they would have caught it on the first past.  At least on the second or third.  No one looked…and the pressure exceeded George’s capacity to stay within normal limits of self-control.  Reality and fantasy fused in-separately.

Just like it did for the Sandy Hook Newtown kid.  The time had come to do the deal.  George just had smaller plans and better focus controls…and better planning skills…and the desire to get away with it.  The Newtown kid didn’t give a shit.  He was just done.  Fed up. Hit the end of the road.  And the Boston boys of summer had their plan to fulfill.  Race Day.

But outside of scope and degree and level of despair — these desperate bad guys who deliberately blew the sides out of self-restraint — are very much the same dynamically. They, each and all, felt massively put upon…and largely ignored. They obsessed — and used time and real and imagined feedback and reinforcement — to amplify their rage and need for revenge…and to make their largely incoherent statements heard.  To show those fuckers…

It doesn’t take much, we are learning the hard way, for the unfairly and unjustly treated — and abandoned and disenfranchised — to move from personal hurt and fear…to smoldering anger…to rage…to the point of “nothing left to lose”…to “I’ll show those fuckers”.  After which something happens.

A very real caution…

There’s a mounting number of really hurting and pissed off people out there these days — who are brewing progressively — up to the “nothing left to lose” point of sustained rejection and isolation.  The tone-deaf Obama administration — and the ludicrous GOP House of the Criminally Insane – are playing with fire by ignoring them…and by making their lives incrementally worse. Making poor people poorer… incrementally snuffing out hope.

Egypt is sort of a larger example of where all this ends up.

Zimmerman’s latest escapades remind us that the beast inside – rage – isn’t easily satisfied once it get stoked up.


On Quakers…the oat people…

November 11, 2013

I’ve been part of the Twin Cities Friends Meeting for a bit over 20 years.  The good Mercy and Dominican Sisters, and the happy joyous and free Edmundites…and the even the ever daunting Jesuits all had their hand in forming my beliefs and thinking patterns.  And while there is no question that they did indeed form the preponderance of ethics and values that I hold dear to this minute — the Society of Friends won my heart.  Enough people have asked why…


Quakers love kittens.  And increasingly, they love Pope Francis. They also love peace and social justice — and the presence of god that dwells in every human being. And fairness.  Yes. They’re really into basic fundamental fairness for all.

Quakers think that if you believe something is right and true and important…that you have the moral obligation to act out of your beliefs.

Quakers believe that if they see something going on that is morally/ethically wrong — that they have the responsibility to bear witness…to call it the way it is. To speak the truth.  To power, if necessary. Regardless of consequence.

Quakers believe that life is meant to be lived intentionally. On purpose. Deliberately. With forethought. With regard for others. Appealing to the god that dwells within each and all. 

Quakers believe that life is to be lived fully, joyfully — with humor, laughter and in happiness. In commitment to the communities we are part of — and in respectful, honest communion with each other. With compassion for others in need…and with a loving heart.

Quakers have no theology and no dogma. Except for one single precept…and that is that god exists in all living beings — and that our job as Quakers is to honor that god — including the god that dwells within ourselves. What form that god may take is basically up to you…and the traditional religious culture you come from.  We accept them all. 

Quakers generally are pretty thoughtful and reflective people. Pretty clear and pretty honest and straight forward. Not a lot of game playing when things are important. They are also pretty compassionate when people are in trouble or need help…or are having a hard time. They are also pretty anchored in maintaining and protecting the environment — and mankind’s sustainability.

Quakers are pretty tricky. They look and act a little clunky sometimes. But don’t believe it for a second. They’re way more sophisticated and worldly than your average bear. 

Quakers make great friends. 

Get it?

J. McD.Burke (11/11/13)