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Syria. Let’s do winners and losers…

September 5, 2013

Maybe that will help us figure out why the overwhelming majority of our elected leadership is defying the overwhelming majority of the American people’s wishes to not go into Syria.

Losers first:

  1. The people who get killed — while we make our 60 day point – what ever that might be (with another 30 days tacked on if it’s needed).
  2. The “infrastructure” — the ability to produce electricity for transportation, refrigeration etc.”…to keep schools, hospitals, government social services and administrative offices, grocery stores open…and to keep jobs available.
  3. Societal stability — physical safety…security…sleep…consistent source of food…day-to-day predictableness.
  4. Children’s psychic stability — warped and distorted forever.
  5. Perversion of cultural notions — of ethics and morality and brotherhood and compassion.
  6. Peace – destruction of hope of ever attaining peace and sustaining goodwill between area religious sects – and for benevolent leadership.
  7. US credibility — as a country of integrity — interested supporting peace, democracy, hope, as champion of the individual rights, ethical righteousness, and of the underdog…and as a political system worthy of aspiring to.
  8. The American people — whose will for non-intervention is being denied – and who are being betrayed by their leadership for gains not clear and suspect…and who will foot the bill for the massive expense implicit in the actions considered.
  9. The world – who will again be forced to wait while another iteration of the ‘unspeakable’ diverts the attention of its leaders from dealing with the huge and mounting issues facing societal stability — and environment sustainability and destruction, financial stability.

And now, the winners please…

  1. The Military — and all those who make and do shit for them, that costs us quadrillions of dollars annually – get’s to do what it does…and to keep the “terror” machine going for another 10 or 20 years, working with aftermath of doing it’s thing in Syria…then Lebanon…and all the rest of the completely destabilized countries the Syrian action will create.
  2. Any and all of those who are financially/politically invested in the development of the terrorist (nee citizen) surveillance industry — that (thanks to Wikileaks, Pvt Manning and Snowden) has become both a huge embarrassment to the administration — and all the rest of the legislators (which includes damned near all of them) who were secretly aware of what was being funded and constructed that totally violated the privacy of American citizens at all levels – destroying the last vestiges of constitutional guarantees for civil rights. And never said shit about it.             Not only does a Syrian action keep the terrorists game alive as the omnipresent world wide boogieman (justifying never ending investment in terrorist justified surveillance systems…and a ever expanding “Homeland Security” enforcement infrastructure) – but it diverts a groundswell of desperately unwanted attention at the egregious constitutional overstep made by “our” elected officials. Which, parenthetically, begs the issue of who “our” elected officials really are beholding to. To those of us who voted for them…or to those who “funded” their elections?
  3. The Carlyle Group – is hands down the biggest single winner in the game.  They are massively invested both in the military industry — and in the surveillance industry, at all levels.  They own Booz Allen (Snowdon’s one time employer)…and their leadership is comprised of a “who’s who” of neo-conservative luminaries and past political insiders drawn from the highest levels of office and influence of the US and other world governments (including the Bush family).
  4. Oil Companies – most likely.  Hard to imagine they’re not.
  5. Israel and Saudi Arabia – most assuredly…and for all the obvious geopolitical reasons — having as much to do with Iran as Syria.
  6. US and Europe – who clearly see the Syrian intervention as a opportunity to dampen down the Arab Spring mandate before it gets too independent and out of hand…and out of reach and control of US, Israeli and European influence.

I’m thinking that the best bet on trying to figure out what’s going on in this whole Syrian circle thing – is the time honored “follow the money” method.  Look to the big winners and at what’s at risk for them…and what’s gained.  You can also factor in who’s making the biggest campaign contributions — and who has the most incestuous lobbying relationships if you feel so inclined.  Still gets us to the top couple of winners.

We’ll see…