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My two bits on the SOTU…

February 14, 2013
In response to White House’s — David Simas — request for feed back on the State of the Union Message:
Heard your boss’s fine SOTU speech. Read it also. Sounds good — albeit it doesn’t hit all the pieces I’d like it too.
But that doesn’t make any difference really, because despite all the good words I still don’t believe the administration is going to do “jack” to solve real problems that are killing us.
Nothing said about campaign finance reform and doing anything about the huge amounts of money that are buying off elected legislators.
Nothing said about shuting down lobbying — and the closed circuit movement from government jobs to private sector giants who are gaming us still.
Nothing about sending duplicitous bankers and securities giants who committed crimes worth hanging — to jail.
Nothing about the need to revise our whole political and economic institutions now that capitalism and democracy are dead.
Nothing about the tremendous need (and opportunity) for revision and restructure of our supporting institutions across the board. Education, medical and health care, justice, banking, pension funding, housing, transportation and energy creation and distribution, security, religions, agriculture.
I mean come on guys…get worthy here. Create a vision — and a overarching plan that fits where we are and where we are likely going. Stop screwing around with bits and pieces — and provide some real leadership here.
Put some infrastructure in place on each one of these areas, and put some meaningful level of “seed” capital behind rethinking every thing and getting plans that integrate with a worthy country/world vision.
There are millions of jobs here.
We’re talking about rebuilding a brand new relevant and viable and sustainable country here.
Get off your asses and lead for God’s sake.  Don’t look to us to lead.  We’re destroyed and overwhelmed, if you hadn’t noticed.  Go private if you have to. We got to get this thing back on the road.  The hyper obstructive conservative rich are not our friends…nor are they yours.

Can’t belief the stuff I’ve deleted this morning…

February 11, 2013

The last was an epistle length excerpt written by Al Gore — lifted from his book titled The Future:  6 Drivers of Global Change. I pulled out and “disappeared” the article after reading a single page of long copy reiterations of things I already was fully aware of as being important — including the need to deal with Filibuster rules, Global Warming, and the need to secure internet on-line privacy.  Couldn’t wade through the rest of Al’s ponderous discourse to discover what the last three items were…but I’m pretty sure they include something about water quality, bio-genetic seeds, and figuring out what we need to do to fix the world economy.  I’ve read a lot about these things over the past 15 years – and I figure Al baby is like the rest of us…pretty good at spotting problems but not so much on providing answers. At least not answers appealing enough to catalyze any sort of a viral groundswell.

Al baby wasn’t the only casualty this morning.  I sent a NYT article on the GOP’s attempts to kill off the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to the electronic happy hunting ground (the elephants grave yard?) – despite the fact that I really really believe that it may well be the only thing left in the infamous Dodd-Frank Financial Reform act that hasn’t yet been corrupted…and which would hand the oversight of financial and economic process to the genuinely creepy enemy.

I also deleted a brave but lonely article in Truthdig — by Chris Hedges, on the NDAA and the Death of the Democratic State which presented a frightfully compelling status report on where his and similar law suites at the State and Federal Supreme Courts regarding habeas corpus and the rise of the military state and the decline of citizens rights that has been ground zero battleground to decide who’s running this fine country (so far the citizens have yet to consider the issue important enough to enter the playing field).

Too, I trash fired a Times article on Obama’s likely approval on the Keystone XL pipeline which will commit the North American hemisphere to the production of the worlds dirtiest oil – thereby establishing new standards that are guaranteed to pollute America’s water supplies and to geometrically degrade air quality precisely at a time when we need to be doing the exact opposite.

Along with Keystone, I deleted an article from The Nation on how a number of corporations have been increasingly busy lobbying for tax relief despite the fact that their tax rates are already way below the scheduled rates.

And then there was the article on the Pope turning in his Pope-mobile license, and deciding to step down because he’d just run out of gas (and traction) trying to push and extort an insane right wing agenda on the American people that was right up there with the Christian Right’s extreme conservative fundamentalist positions.

And that’s just a partial day’s worth of sending really important stuff into the great electronic abyss.  I’ll trash more after I finish this little inconsequential blog item…and then I’ll purge all my electronic devices of damn near all the important and meaningful and compelling missives I received towards the end of the day – so they don’t pile up in my communications network of fixed and portable electronic devices — and overwhelm the more personally relevant trivia I think I need to save. That is, until I get over the guilt of shit canning pictures of children/grandchildren, and cats, and forwarded poems and sayings, and random Facebook utterances (and indeed another sea of forwarded important articles that I “really need” to read) — just because they were sent to me by people I care about – and whom I believe actually may care about me.

That’s the problem these days.  Way too much wheat and chaff.  Family and friend clutter mixed into world and political and moral/ethical and crisis clutter – which is mixed in with ‘side boob’ celebrity clutter.  And Pope clutter.

Big and little get all mixed up.  Important and unimportant all presented at the same speed and at the same size.  Spin and reality – fake and real – truth and lies – authorities and bullshitters…all spun into a fog so murky that that “what to accept as truth and what to believe in” is almost impossible.

On the important stuff, it seems everyone’s groping with ‘defining’ the problems — but nobody seems to be able to get anybody to care — or to give enough of a damn to rally the ‘big kids’ to develop solutions to save our collective asses on anything.

We’re all pretty much in agreement on the problems – give or take – but our mutual concerns seem destined to slide down one of two rabbit holes (a red one and a green one – go figure) and regardless of POV…surface inexplicably polarized and damned to be tossed into the pile of unresolved issues — that has become too big to fix…or even too big to think about anymore.

Thank god for ‘delete’.  And maybe thank god for the size of the trash pile we collectively keep sending all these hugely important articles too every day. There’s just too much to think about and worry about.  At some point we just can’t do it anymore. The pile just gets too big. Even the Pope pulled out.  He deleted himself.

Another problem in all this abdication of concern that lies under the “delete” hand stroke — is the haunting and increasing belief that the ‘big kids’ we all have been trained to believe will jump out of the quagmire at the eleventh hour and will stop the insanity — and will save our sorry asses in a blindingly clear legislative flurry — that will bring order and peace to our lives – simply aren’t there anymore.

We wonder if maybe they disappeared from the screen because they simply weren’t brave enough…or ethical enough…or weren’t smart enough…or weren’t politically savvy enough – or that maybe they were bought up by political lobbyists, or by some super Pac dollars, or by Karl Rove’s master race fund or some such — or by tightly focused corporations buying votes that manifested their ‘special interest’.

Increasingly, the articles we so quickly delete each day — are precisely the ones that confirm that indeed the game has been rigged — and that chances that the cavalry will come riding into town to save the day on some life threatening issue (pick one), are virtually non existent…mostly, because we’ve come to the realization, that there is no Cavalry anymore (only the CIA and it’s pretty clear by now they don’t work for us).

So, in the words spoken back when mothers actually felt obligated to do something to correct wrongs and to insure that our world remained good and sweet and righteous and fair and compassionate and loving, “what’s a mother to do?”  Well not much it seems.  There’s just too much to deal with for openers.  And ‘we the people’ have allowed ourselves to become downsized to a level of puny-ness…where we barely have a role in this society anymore…let alone a role that has any functional power to change anything.  “Defeated” is the word I’ve been searching for.

Bottom line: you can’t do shit to change/fix a monster pile of corrupted wrong things…if you’re puny and have no power…and your brain is simply incapable of of discerning truth out of the ‘fog’ — and handling and thinking through the shear dimension and complexity of f–king everything – particularly when it’s clear to everyone that nothing is going to ever get fixed — because the people we elected to save us can’t and won’t — for whatever reason.  And because there is no Cavalry out there that’s going to save us.  We’re on our own. No help.

So, we keep on reading and deleting…each time, subconsciously losing hope that anything will ever get fixed or straightened out.  And at some point, we get to where we don’t even read the articles anymore — because we already know what the article is about when we read the headline.  We know the issues…we know the implications and consequences of what’s being done…we know who the bad guys are…we know they are scumbags and need to be punished and sent away to pay for their crimes and for their willingness to take massive and inappropriate risk at our expense and for their reward. Everybody knows everything – and are appropriately concerned and incensed — and yet we can’t seem to get a game going to do something to let them know how we feel — and to get the game rules straightened out again so they make sense.  So why bother? I give up. “Delete”. I think we’ve all gotten here.

And to Al baby…well, no one gives a shit about what you think or about what you write anymore.  You just reprocess the same old stuff we already know about.

If you want to do something useful, make us “give a shit” pardner.  We already believe. Make us believe you (or anyone, or any combination of people) can make a difference. Make us move.  Make us believe the fight stands a half a chance of being won.

This is a war against the really big kids we’re talking about here.  The game plan to catalyze people into action is really important here.  A puny effort will be laughed at…and dismissed. And crushed.  Relying on leadership is a very very sad joke, I fear.

Occupy, are you out there…?  Why haven’t you, or someone who is smart enough and bold enough declared another constitutional congress to rewrite the damn thing to fit the times we live in? We need to push the restart button. We need to allow the hijacked model of the universe we are currently operating under, to crash under it’s own weight and greed…and then start anew.  The time for trying to change what has become entirely corrupted has long past.  We let it go too long…too many pinprick subtractions and additions have destroyed the place.

We need a new “next”.  And we need to make sure that the new overall architecture and redesigned institutional systems that comprise and support it — fit the current realities and societal needs and that can be supported by everyone.

Anyone got time to think this one through out there?  Anyone smart enough — and trustworthy enough…