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Final Chapter: The Alien is Left Behind…

November 9, 2012

The Republicans got exactly what they deserved on Tuesday.

Politics is a high touch, full body contact blood sport. It’s all about trust, respect, integrity, honesty, and belief that the candidate understands you…will help you and your situation…and that they will do what they say they will do. You know what I mean?  You got more of this stuff than the other guy, you win. You don’t you lose.

The folks looked and listened to Mitt Romney from the obstructionist “party of no” — and decided the man came from another planet…was a complete shape shifting liar of epic proportion…believed he didn’t like them…and that he did not, and could not, understand them and their problems…and believed that he would take advantage of them, just like he had done throughout his business life.

They also believed that the grand sell job on what a great guy he was — was comprised mostly of stories offered as strategic displays of compassion.

Etch-o-sketch was a perfect description of the mercurial Mr. Romney…and his incredibly disingenuous campaign to sell what most folks saw as a scary and mean spirited  air ball, supported by nothing but posturing.

Let’s face it, no one ever liked a “will o’ the wisp”. And certainly not a deceitful nasty one.  The great GOP election loss of 2012 ain’t that hard to figure out. Only people like him…liked him.  The rest of the world didn’t trust him as far as they could throw him —  because “distrust signals” were all he ever sent us right from the beginning.

And it may be important for those who believe they can smoke through odious and immoral and unfair policies and legislation that hurt people other than themselves — because they think the wretched aren’t paying attention — or aren’t smart enough to recognize how the deck is stacked…to wake up and think again. It’s just hard to fall in love with a creepy guy who acts creepily. Pretty basic stuff.

I keep wondering if Karl Rove was responsible for this strategy?  I think probably yes.

Stupid bastard. Thank god.

JMB (12/8/2012)