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October 31, 2012

So. Here’s the deal…

Lets all vote for Obama. He’s the best of the two by a light year. Then vote Democratic for Senate candidates to maintain a majority. Then, while your at it, vote Democratic for any Congressional seats you may have open in your District — so we can gain a majority in the House as well. Then on November 7th we let these fine folks know unequivocally — that if they don’t stop screwing around, and get this monumentally dysfunctional pig pen cleaned up and back in the embrace of right reason and just cause — that we will never vote for a Democrat ever again.


Be very careful…

We hear again the ugly words of racism on the lips of scared men.  We must resist the primal urge to cast irrational blame…with all our hearts.

We can never ever go back to those darkest of days of thoughtless hatred and abandoned brotherhood…without losing the essential attribute that makes us worthy…in the eyes of each other…and in the heart of god.”


Why silence…

I think we are all somewhat astounded at the degree to which we have become willing to debase ourselves. Individually, and as a nation.  The things we let slide.

The things we let the people we elected to represent us do to us — that caused us great harm. The things we loved and cherished most about living in America — that have intentionally been erased as essential rights and freedoms — that were handed over without a moments discussion.

Fact is, we’re pretty disgusting right now.  Once tough — we’re now pretty toothless.  Once brave — we’re now pretty much cowards, afraid to say anything. Once perceptive and vigilant — we now avert our eyes, and won’t even acknowledge what we see being done quite clearly. Once committed fighters for rights and freedoms — including the rights to speak truth to power — we’re now improbably and immorally silent.  How quickly we debase. How quickly we give up.

Truth is, I fear…that we are disgusted with ourselves.  Appalled by our lack of concern…and worse, lack of interest…let alone lack of action against those evil men who are killing to our country.

There I said it. “Those evil men who are killing our country!”

Because, by now it is way beyond abundantly clear — that clearly identifiable evil men have reduced our country to a tragic parody of what we once had…and have indeed plundered us all — and have manipulated cherished rules and process to secure extraordinary personal advantage and controls.

And it is beyond clear, that they have done it deliberately with full understanding of consequence and risks…and did what they did to secure the offsetting promise of personal rewards.  And have done so with complete impunity. Very clearly identifiable men.

And we do nothing to stop them…nothing to insist that they be stopped and punished. What on earth are we waiting for?  You want my list of bad guys? Ask me for it.  Who’s on your list?

You think if we published a top ten list of everybody’s really bad guys who need to be sent to jail — and insisted that the government went after these peckerwoods — that they would?  Me neither.

Then it will have to happen privately.  Lets get going people…and see if maybe we can get our self-respect and dignity back.

Voting solid blue would be a great start.


Rove shows up for the Debate…

October 4, 2012

Well, quite an evening for politics last night.

Romney went center — by knocking off the extreme conservative appearance created in the convention — by adopting positives of Obama positions.

Pure Rove!  Too “Rove-like” to be anyone else the way I’m seeing it.  Adopt a hard right “air ball” position which is unattackable because no plans are actually ever put on the table. Only positions are — and they are implicit not explicit.

Suck em in to attack the Trojan horse.  And then…with everyone watching at debate time — move “center” — and adopt the best of the Dem’s talking point differences (uninsured, pre-existing, 26 year old kids on parents plans, legislation restrictions on banks,  etc) as being parts of your still unreleased plan — and do it with self righteous arrogant boldness — which eviscerated the Obama’s key challenge talking points.

Romney wins because he defuses the potentially devastating challenges of the Dems to his undefined “convention plan” by claiming his secret undisclosed plan does all the safe and good things that the Obama plan does — and by doing so, makes the yet unrevealed extreme right wing plan look way less scary and way more reasonable…and damn near sweet.

F-ing brilliant.  Barry is left sputtering on stage out in front of god and everyone.

So, why didn’t Obama go after Romney on changes to the secret plan, you ask?

I think he was blindsided so completely with Romney’s pre-emption of his (Obama’s) planned and practiced attack talking points at every level — that he was never sure what the game was…until it was too late to respond effectively.  Doubt he’ll make the same mistake next time.

One other thought kept bothering me while watching — regarding Obama’s unwillingness to use the GOP’s “stonewalling anything that Obama proposed as legislation” card…and that was the looming just-behind-the-scenes implicit “trump card” — that the election of Romney, essentially solves the problem of  getting bi-partisian support  to pass change  legislation — for the simple reasons that Dems don’t play hardball like the Conservatives do — and enough of them have been bought up already in the Senate and House where enough of the Dems are guaranteed to pass anything the Mittster would want to put in the game.  The reverse of which will never happen if Barry gets elected.

Last, the reason given by Romney for not having a formal complete plan was brilliant and bullet proof…and that was that he has given the public an overarching framework of what he intends…and that specific plan elements will be worked out in bipartisan work sessions. How much clearer and more reasonable can one be for gods sake.

Checkmate — all in all?

I knew Rove was out there somewhere.

Obama needs to sharpen up the game for dead sure.  It appears he’s playing against the “A” Team.