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Best horse in the glue factory…

August 17, 2012

I’m not a big Obama fan, as you know.  Wish I was. Want to be.  But I’m not.

I hated (and still hate) his ‘half measure’ health care plan — the one referred to as Obamacare (formally known Romneycare) because it never contained the public option which just needlessly delayed the forgone socialized medicine this country needs to “break the shackles” of the health care and pharma industries precluding medical cost containment…and to eliminate patient “care” systems that drive expenditures through the roof.

I hated his Financial Reform package because he allowed it to be written by Chris Dodd who had been taking “favors” from the banking industry for a long time…and enemy lobbyists for the industry — and never had any regulatory teeth in it…and then allowed the bastards who scammed us to the brink of economic oblivion to get away scott free from prosecution.

And I am completely disgusted with the renewal of the suspension of habeas corpus, search and seizure and loss of privacy rights (and rights to peacefully protest) that Bush rammed up the country’s ass as part of Homeland Security hustle.  And I hate his two faced-ness — taking big money from the scum who have destroyed the county.

And I hate the fact that he never sic-ed his attorney general, or the SEC, on a single banker or securities firm executive for manipulating the laws that allowed them to work the fraud the first time — and then allowed them to continue steal from us after we bailed the bastards out.

And he hasn’t done a single thing to shut down or reverse the Citizens United decision — or to shut down the insane super rich’ Super Pacs from taking over of our candidate selection and election process…has corrupted our politicians, and has sold our democratic process to the super rich with intention and special interest agenda enough to want it.

And I am still am appalled by Obama’s turning the treasury “hen-house” over to the wolves…leaving control in the same hands who created and allowed the mess to occur in the first place.

There are lots more things I don’t like about this guy — allowing a tax policy favoring the rich and killing off the middle class to continue,  for instance — but that’s enough for now. Point’s  made.  I’m not real crazy about where the man has been going these past couple of years.

But when you think about it, I frankly don’t know how one is supposed to play the game when the House GOP majority flat-out refuses to participate, and does everything in its power to shut down any initiative the man tries to get going to solve the massive issues this country faces now…including shutting down the government. At some point after a year or so, a man has to accept reality — and take Mitch and the screeching “shut-it-down” congressional Tea Partiers and the majority leadership at their word — that they will shut down everything that Obama attempts to do — period.  That’s when you decide to play the game you “can” play — if for no other reason than to keep from being erased from the screen by the insane right.

You do the things you can do.  You shut down Bush’s wars where you can…and sink some money into wind energy…and sink some bucks into road construction to keep at least some people employed…and you save a failing auto company to save a few more jobs…and direct what ever tarp dollars you control into state budgets for education, health and human services workers, police and firefighters etc. to keep desperately needed services going while the Conservative are trying to shut this same budget down. And you make some foreign policy/State Department moves when and where it’s important, because it’s needed and critical and because you can.

And, of course, you try to minimize the impact of entirely partisan efforts to make you look worse by making the country’s economy and unemployment and budgeting and governance process untenable or worse.  Once that’s done and you’ve done what you can do….you might as well play golf once in a while.

And while I’m on the subject of things I’m not crazy about with the Obama administration — I think I think Obama’s lack of full-throated support of Unions — which I believe are entirely necessary to keep nasty and greedy and mean-spirited men in business and in government from taking advantage of them and from screwing them unmercifully — was at the level of a serious moral mistake. I think he screwed up badly here as well.

All that aside, I think Obama has done a pretty good job at forcing the more rabid Conservative forces of mean-spirited and under- thought stupidity into interesting box canyons where they are, almost always, fighting for loser positions of their own creation…where the vast majority of the public is against them. Medicare and social security — and the absence of a Obamacare alternative — being the most obvious.  Ryan’s (now Romney’s)  specious scorched earth “budget” that eviscerates services for the middle and poor — being another.  Lowering taxes on the rich while increasing them for the middle and poor yet, another.  Unwillingness to be transparent in the release of taxes another.  Taking money from stupendously wealthy donors of dubious backgrounds and motivations being another. Putting trust in creepy candidates who they know would screw them over and sell them down the river in a heart beat…is another.

I wonder what dear Ayn Rand would have to say about things these days?  But, well…she was a bit of a fruit cake herself wasn’t she. Even our newly anointed Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan has disavowed her philosophy already.  That was quick. He fashions himself more as St Thomas Aquinas these days.

Oh come on…



August 7, 2012

You know…it just occurred to me how nice it has been since the Iowa primary ended the incessant right-wing bleating…and shut down the cacophony created by the hyper strident “tea people” who care too much — and left us with this terribly pretty man who seems devoid of common touch and lasting points of view.

How nice it’s been. Mitts droning fluid issue-less banality — and other worldly irrelevance…has been a joy when set against the backdrop of a year plus worth of super charged pomp and acrimony from the likes of Gingrich, Cain, Bachman, Perry and Santorum…whose aggregated screeching and urgency seemed to have the capacity to melt brain cells.

When I saw that Santorum was added to the speaker’s roster for the convention later this summer my heart sunk a couple of notches.  It reminded me that people with too much agenda and passion and self-righteousness are still out there – and are still screaming at the top of their lungs trying to capture the stage.

These past months watching Romney attempting to define his political persona…while certainly painful, at least left nothing much to ponder…beyond the stark nothing we were left with — and the glimpse of the bewildering worldview — and views of the world — the man filters reality through.  He was blessedly quiet for the most part. And I’m gratefully for that.  But then I have to admit, when Mitt pumps up to issue forth…I tend to shut down. It’s a self-defense thing.

So here we go again. Mitt’s Super Pac coffers are bursting with gold and silver from the land where no one knows your name — awaiting the Rovian signal to speak in Mitt’s name, the things he cannot/will not say himself.

The maelstrom the Super Pacs are expected to release real soon now, will serve to define their man — in the mirror images that they will use to “Obamanate” his opposite.  Bombs’ bursting in air giving truth that he is real and there.  Wow. Just f—ing wow!

Oh well, point is I just don’t know if I can stand the thought of listening to Santorum and Christie and the rest of the hand-picked guest convention speaker’s slate of hard right ideologues that Romney feels the need to pander to — for even one more second.

Mitt may well be every bit as bad for the middle class and below as Michelle or Newt or Cain or Santorum ever thought of being – but at least he was quiet about it.

This has the capacity to be dreadful…

Oh. And watch Pawlenty.


Aug 11, 2012

Mitt just announced Ryan this morning.  The “capacity to be dreadful” has just entered the officially “dreadful” stage.  I’m thinking that Mitt and Ryan together may be more than even the GOP Convention can swallow.  So keep an eye on Pawlenty.  He’s been a Rove favorite since the get go…and it now looks like a brokered convention is entirely possible — with Pawlenty’s image as a mid-western, squeaky clean, virgin, Boy Scout with bona fides and balanced budget creds — looking pretty appealing as a centrist replacement for the man with no common touch and his VP partner with the blue flames coming out his butt.  Dreadful for sure…but the convention certainly promises to be interesting.