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May 22, 2012

Those of us who are rapidly becoming Old Meat are just a couple of clicks above ‘dead’ meat I suppose, but we’re still meat, none the less.

Old or new, being “meat” is when your existence stops counting anymore.

Being Meat is being ignored and dismissed as irrelevant.  Meat is not listened to. Meat has nothing to say…nothing of value to offer. Meat is not cared about. Not even considered.

Old Meat is all of the above — but is more wrinkly and without much supporting torpor or decent muscles. Not good for much beyond being a nostalgia symbol for the good old days. No value actually.  Except, maybe to get rid of…and to process extra food.  A living and somewhat inefficient composter, bottom line.

Meat’s role in life is to be benign and not bothersome. Not make too much of a fuss.

Old Meat just needs to go away.  To be not seen…and not heard.  And to not be troublesome.  Just come out for dinner every once in a while and then disappear.

Old Meat’s like an old dog who’s sentimental value is the only thing that keeps it from being put down.  Tolerated as long as it doesn’t get too sick…too badly…too often…and as long as it doesn’t become too  expensive to keep alive and around.  And doesn’t become incontinent.  Or get too dotty or angry or disruptive.

Note: These lines get pretty finely drawn down the road for Old Meat.  Like perspective lines drawn to a vanishing point.  “Out of here shortly” is the path Old Meat is on.  Yes.  We know there is a check out time.  And we’re grateful for it.

Well, being “just plain” Meat isn’t such a great place to be these days either. Think you’re so great because you’re not old yet.  Nope.  It’s actually way harder than being Old Meat — because you have to live with the knowledge that you’re irrelevant and aren’t listened to…and have been dismissed…and are not cared about — a lot longer than old meat does.

And, although you weren’t aware of it, fact is, you were designated Meat the day you were born.  Don’t believe it?  That’s how long the real and true people who are moving and shaking things up and making things happen – have been tenderizing your ass, and have been planning to eat your lunch.  You had no idea you had lost the game before you were suited up in your very first set of Pampers. Screwed at birth.  It’s got to hurt real bad.

At least we, who live closer to the edge of real time existance, had a few moments in the sun. Youngster Meat has no reason to live. Never really did have, when you get right down to it. But they do have a long time to live with the thought.

You’d think that would bother them.  But apparently not so much.  They rather play “farm” on facebook — than deal with the reality that their great American dream has been erased by a bunch of nasty self-important greedy people who really don’t give a shit about them.  And who bought up all the politicians they voted for, and were counting on, to save the day.  Forget about it. You’re meat.

Ought to get pissed, I’m thinking.  Nothing much else to lose.

Maybe you can get some of those old pre-dead Meat folks to jump in with you.  They have even less to lose than you young irrelevant, un-heard, un-listened to, un-cared about pathetic youngsters do.  Got it?



“I’d like to buy the world a Coke…”

May 3, 2012

We became a nation of “good intentions” somewhere along the line in 1971.

We stopped fighting for right reason and just cause — and to preserve rights hard won…and indeed for  justice…and became a nation of well-intentioned folks who genuinely believe that if we ‘dream’ hard enough, and ‘intend’ purely enough — that bad things will get fixed — that bad people will come around…and that good times will come, automatically — and will match our hopes and beliefs and dreams and intentions…and, that we can sing unfairness and misfortune and evil of all stripes into submission.

I think perhaps we just got tired of fighting sometime around then.  Vietnam broke our will to fight for what we believed in. We were slow to accept that we needed to fight to stop a senseless war…but quick to stop fighting when the war was all but over.  Counting body bags helped…but mostly, it appears in retrospect, that we did indeed, sing that one into submission.  We sang of injustice…and loss…and the futility of war.  We sang at rallies and protest marches and outside political convention halls.  All very sweet and peaceful.

In the end we sang what Martin Luther King sang:  “That we shall overcome…” and later, buoyed by our success in forcing Nixon to acquiesce, and to give up the grand terror that was Vietnam, at last…we collectively decided that it wasn’t the marches and violent and non-violent protests that turned the trick…but the purity of aggregated intention. That it was “Peace and Brotherhood” and karma that changed the tide.

And when Coke Cola first aired it’s magic :60 spot “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” (Coke on a Hilltop, 1971) — we found it fit perfectly into the space in our souls that the war had hollowed out. And then we wrote it up a little larger — up to anthem size actually, with “I’d like to teach the world to sing…in perfect harmony” (1972).

And subtly but inexorably the will to fight for what we believed in and hold most cherished — leached out of the American soul. To the point where the whole idea of our dear sweet country slipped through our grasp without us even noticing it, or doing much of anything about trying to stop what we knew way down in our heart of hearts, was going on.  We allowed the immoral and the unconscionable to occur.  We allowed leaders to commit our country to war again – this time through false witness and pretense…though most of us knew we were being lied to.  And even though we knew they lied, and even through the results of their deceit was calamitous to the stability of the country — we let them escape justice for what they had done.

We allowed truth to be subsumed, by allowing our once mostly heroic independant media to be rolled up and owned by just a few — who turned responsible reporting and truth telling into a sideshow of right wing excess…and never once contested the wholesale destruction of laws governing media ownership and public responsibilities that allowed the impossible to occur.

We sat silently and in disbelief as insidiously destructive legislation was passed right before our very eyes…that suspended Habeas Corpus, eclipsed search and seizure legislation, wiped out personal privacy rules, allowed government agencies to listen to personal conversations, and to access and archive our most private and personal information…that seriously curtailed our most basic civil rights including: voting rights privilege…rights to assembly and protest…rights to collectively bargain…rights to govern and control decisions regarding our own bodies…and the rights to speak one’s mind openly and freely.

We allowed ourselves to be bamboozled by a totally rigged “war on terror” panic — that allowed the hijacking of America to occur in broad daylight – under the banners of Homeland Security – and obeisance to the political right and its silent manipulators — who held the chips and controlled the game.

We allowed our dear and precious country to become corrupted to the core…because we had no will to challenge – and no heart to contest those who were dividing our country.  We refused to believe that we had committed enemies – mostly on the extreme right wing — who were seeking to take over our country and our lives — who were  working with complete and focused commitment to undermine our entire political process — who bold facedly were buying up legislators and their votes at every level of government – and to subverting our candidate selection campaign process — and our electoral process…by allowing the very rich and corporations to funnel in unimagined amounts of dollars to buy candidates and to influence political discourse as they intended.

Super elites that thought nothing of paying in speaker’s fees and trips to stack the deck of the Supreme Court — towards their purpose — creating the world where human and civil rights – and the American dreams of equality and freedom and for opportunity — were only for them, and were denied from all others.  We allowed the greatest tragedy of our generation…perhaps the greatest in the history of our nation to occur.  We turned our vigorous and righteous protest over to a couple of comedic fake news programs — and a small handful of people who refused to be silenced, and stepped aside to watch who won.  They did – and they did it without a meaningful protest from the vast majority and increasingly oppressed.  And while doing so…they power right quietly structured and implemented a system wide architecture of civilian espionage and absolute individual and mass population control systems — that makes one feel like maybe 1984 had actually happened on the designated calendar year and we just missed it.

We live today in a dream world.  In a world where the strong words and promises are pit against each other — constantly and on every subject – but sound promising and hopeful to the sides aligned behind each side’s speakers.  But no matter who says or promises what – nothing ever makes things better for either side — or for anyone…except for those designated to win…who have already won.

But we keep hoping and wishing that things will be made right again – because we collectively really want things to get better…and we know by experience that when politicians hear what we want, and understand what we are saying – that they will do as the always have and will do the right thing and give it to us.

And yes we have devolved that far.  We now completely accept the lies and believe what we want to believe…because we don’t want to accept that we’ve been had.  Well, we have been. And we ain’t going to be singing our way out of this one folks.

I’d like to teach the world to sing…in perfect harmony!

You got to be shitting…


J.McD.B. – May 3, 2012  (my mother’s birthday coincidentally)