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Through a pig’s snout…

October 25, 2011

            OWS as viewed from a pink pigs nostril

So. Here’s what I’m seeing and hearing…and sensing  these days.  Mostly sensing.

People, just regular people…not the ones who have  long since chosen sides and taken positions…nor the ones who drink the Fox News Kool-Aid and bitch and cheer from the safety of the sidelines where there is little consequence for positions taken…but just normal everyday people – those folks.

They are watching what’s going on very carefully these days.

They are watching, and they are paying attention — and  they aren’t missing a thing about what’s going on around them…as the time to commit is coming at them with the speed of an international economic collapse.

Yes, no question.  They know what’s going on.  They  know who the players are.  And they know who’s gaming them, and the system…and who’s responsible for what…and what the  implications are.

They knew before the press found the stones to tell the truth.

They just weren’t sure because until a minute or two ago, the truth was nowhere to be seen.  It’s there now though, coming in a flood…confirming what they thought was happening but didn’t have the facts or the evidence to move from ‘what they believed was going on’ — into the space where ‘they know what’s going on’.

They’re watching, and considering…and they are in the process of putting all the pieces together and deciding what they feel they should be doing about what they are seeing.

This past Sunday my daughter and I decided to join in the Minneapolis iteration of the Occupy Wall Street’s demonstration of concern — which was scheduled to bring the OWS message to the 30,000 gathering
fans at the “Mall of America” domed stadium — for the Packers/Vikings game.

The plan called for us to march through the assembling crowd with placards  and chanted slogans to build interest and awareness of the issues. I wore a paper machete pink pig head for the entire march (symbolic of the greedy rich corporations who are destroying the world — the object of the OWS scorn)…and found, quite to my surprise that by looking out the pigs nostril I had a perfect vantage point from which to see and assess the crowd reaction to our demonstration and to attendant messages.

What I saw was not at all what I had expected.

My expectations were that the crowd would do what it almost always has done over the past 10 years when someone intruded into a mixed passion gathering with a point of view.  That the groups would polarize and take sides – with pros dead set against cons…with jeers and cheers framing both sides of the position taken.

That didn’t happen. Not even a little bit.

Mostly, people were completely quiet. They watched us move through them – and they just watched, with faces mostly without emotion but very attentive and apparently reflective…like they were watching the first signs that something inevitable had finally moved into their midst.  Something that they knew they were going to have to deal with sometime soon in the near future.

What I saw in faces on Sunday through from my pig’s snout vantage point were the faces of very normal football fans, on a hyped up game day — being very serious as we passed through them. They weren’t annoyed…they weren’t resentful that we interrupted their joy filled sports stoked moment.  They just became quiet and reflective for a moment. Like people everywhere who have, over the past year especially, experienced a mounting/building sense of frustration, anger, fear and desperation — as the truth of what has happened in this country that has gotten us to where we are this very minute, settles in.

What I saw through the pig’s left nostril was a portrait of a people who are beginning to see just how deliberately and completely we have been hijacked by the banks and the military and large corporations in this country – and who are coming to grips with…like the scene from the wizard of OZ where the wizard is revealed when Toto pulls back the curtain from the wizards sound effects booth – the cold fact that our legislative process has been entirely corrupted and has been bought out over the past 15 years.  To the realization that our dutifully elected representatives aren’t working in our behalf like we thought they were.  That the system is incapable of fixing itself.

What I saw in people’s faces and in their eyes reminded me of the AVATAR movie that swept our consciousness a couple of years back.  It’s was like seeing the little jelly fish things getting agitated and starting to move and coalesce. Like something very profound and definitive is building…