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Pawlenty – Next President. Period. Book it.

June 1, 2011

Well. This is Joe having a Nostradamus moment. It’s one of those out on a limb kind of things. I wrote this at the end of March. It’s now June. It’s a prediction that sort of goes with my preceding blog posting — No next — about how political extremes have been deliberately manipulated to create a new center).

It’s essentially a conclusion based on evidence (much circumstantial) comprised of a collection of directly related and apparently unrelated facts — that when put all in a row deductively, leads towards a punch line conclusion. That’s what my brain does. I know i can get pretty far out there. But from my way of looking at things I don’t think it’s much of a reach.

So, Tim Pawlenty is running for president. Anyone who watches the news knows that. He just announced a couple of days ago. But nobody really thinks he’s got much of a chance.

I do. I think he’s got it wired. Here’s why…in a “follow the bouncing ball” content stream.

Some background. You need to have lived in Minnesota for the past 15 years to know some of this.

Tim Pawlenty has a little history around here that people tend to forget. He once had the audacity to throw his hat into the Senatorial Race against the Democratic incumbent — Paul Wellstone — who was running for a second term. Didn’t know that? Don’t remember that? Hum.

Well, truth is, Tim never really actually ran against Wellstone that year. He was removed from the field by some very senior fellows from the Bush Jr. presidential campaign – who came out to Minnesota on April 24 of that year to have a little chat with him – and with a fellow Minnesotan — Norm Coleman — about what they wanted to see happen in the Wellstone race. That’s pretty audacious don’t you think?

So, who came to Minnesota to chat with Tim and Norm? One must keep in mind that young George hadn’t been elected himself at this point. Well, Carl Rove was one them, and Dick Chaney was another one (Chaney hated Wellstone. In fact the whole Bush team hated Wellstone). One can assume that Ashcroft was in on the game…as was one Fred Malek (a back stage long time GOP king maker player with tentacles reaching back to Chaney, Rumsfeld, Poindexter Erlichman and Haldeman in the Nixon White House where he had been Director of the Office of Budget and Management.

Minnesotans also knew Malek peripherally though his role as the Carlysle Group wallet — who helped buy up Northwest Airlines for Messer’s Checchi and Wilson — and who as a major shareholder became a board member of the Airline himself. Fred was one of the founders of the Carlyse Group. And if you don’t know who the Carlysle Group is — then you need to Google it right now, before reading further.

What did they want? Well right out of the blue…they wanted Tim to step aside on this one. And let Norm Coleman spearhead the challenge against the highly popular and an entrenched Wellstone. The deal was done. Pawlenty deferred — and Norm suited up to take on Godzilla. Weird huh? Wellstone could have whipped Thomas Jefferson for god sake.

But Wellstone’s plane crashed mysteriously in the closing days (October 25th) of the campaign. Some suggested ‘Ashcroft lighting’…referring to a similar incident that occurred in Ashcroft’s Senate run in Missouri where the incumbent he was running against was killed in an unfortunate small airline accident — similar to the one Wellstone was involved in…but nothing ever came of the accusation.

But, never mind, Norm baby prevailed by default — and inherited the big seat after an embarrassing attempt by Mondale to “save the baby” for the party of right reason. Norm lasted one term only. He did the bidding of young President Bush in defaming Koffi Anand and the UN — who were never sold on WMD ruse…and he also tried to bully errant Democrat and Republican rogues with his Senate Ethics Chairmanship position. He finally slithered off the stage after holding up Franken from ascending to his duly won Senate seat for six full months after the election. Hmmm.

So, what about our young citizen Pawlenty, you ask? Well the men who came to Minnesota to talk him out of running for the Senate so Norm could run instead – made a pretty sweet deal for Tim, it seems. Tim could run for Governor in 2 years as a consolation prize. They guaranteed it for him. Said they said they’d damn well buy it for him if they needed it. The fix was in. Tim Pawlenty was going to be Governor. He’d have all the legal and illegal campaign financing and blind origin attack ads — he could handle.

Side Note: The newly elected Governor Pawlenty was indeed accused of gross campaign financing violations — but Ashcroft’s justice department never did anything with it. Go figure.

The machine worked as promised. And during his 2 term tenure – working with (against) a Democratic legislature in both houses — he molded himself into the Teflon sweet and good – fiscal conservative (by veto mostly), family values Boy Scout that we see yet today. He even refused to accept Obama’s federal health care money to help sustain the really poor with medical assistance. So, Tim, in addition to being sweet and good, is unequivocally on record as a conservative hard ass, by god. Indeed, he left the State without a deficit for the years as promised…but then again he did leave state budget some 5.5 Billion dollars short for the following year…because he refused to do anything about the tidal wave of red ink coming at him. Not nice. But it makes him look real good during his term in office anyway.

Fade to black. Norm’s out of a job. Tim, after two terms in office, has hung up his righteous Boy Scout Governor’s shield — and the Governor’s seat is open.

Everyone’s thinking…Coleman for Governor, maybe? Seems like a logical place to re-start a political career after losing his Senate seat to Al Franken (…a comedian for god’s sake). And it was pretty clear that he’d be running against Mark Dayton for Governor! This should have been a chip shot for Norm baby. But nope — he announces a couple of short days before the filing date passes…that he’s not going to do it. “I have other national plans to consider…”, he says. All considered and worked out just a couple of days after our friends Carl Rove and Jeb Bush and Ed Gillespie and Fred Malek announced that they were establishing American Crossroads — an independent campaign funding source to compete with the RNC to solicit money to distribute to worthy candidates who support “their” notion of what the national agenda should be. And that that might include third party candidates if it came down to it. Yes. That was “third party” you just read.

Yep. Norm’s decided to stay out of the political process for a while…to help with larger national issues…and, to act as CEO for the American Action Network — which was set up to provide the foot soldiers for American Crossroads (along with Malek). He also, it turns out, has taken the Chairman position of the American Action Forum — which is the policy arm for American Crossroads (Jeb Bush holds a leadership seat in this organization as well).

Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m pretty impressed when I see all this horsepower lined up and focusing on establishing the game plan for the future of American Politics, I’ll tell you. With the American Crossroads money machine sitting behind a Rove, Malek, Bush, Gillespie game making machine – I’m impressed right down to being scared to death actually.

What about Tim Pawlenty, you ask once again. Well, hold on…I’m getting to that. But before we do, we’re going to pause a couple of seconds for a seemingly irrelevant aside…which kind of ties into my preceding blog about moving the right wing extreme beyond a point of sustainability.

Did you know that Sarah Palin has had an advisor since before her exciting days in Minnesota at the Republican National Convention? Did you know that Fred Malek was Sarah’s un-official advisor and ‘dear friend’ since the beginning of her political appearance on the national stage? Did you know that he has helped guide her with political strategy development – and was rumored to be the one who suggested hanging up her Governor’s mukluks a bit early — so she could add some spice and venom to the percolating Republican dialogue – as a bonified rabble rousing “tea partier” — who could push the right wing further and further to the right — to the point where it is today — with entirely crazy tea party people leading normal everyday hang dog conservatives around by the nose – who blindly are destroying right reason and the American economy…and, indeed, the State economies…along with city and local economies and governmental and social infrastructures – to points beyond the ability to return.

Yep. Best friends. Beauty and the beast. Google it (it’ll blow your mind). I would never lie about this?

So. What the hell is going on here? Fred and Rove together again…hijacking the campaign financing initiative away from the RNC (in the midterms, it is reported that Rove and Malek’s American Crossroads raised and distributed over 80% of the total dollars spent in the midterm elections for Republican and tea party candidates.) Most won.

What isn’t known, is how much was raised? And contributed by whom? The Supreme Court sort of greased the skids on this one…right in the nick of time for the great train robbery. As they did for Citizens United. Rove had a good couple of years with the Supremes. Undisclosed and unlimited dollars flooded into Rove’s coffers since the Supreme Court weaved their magic. How much he has piled up, is up for grabs. How he chooses to spend it is up for grabs as well. He ain’t talking. But you know he’s scheming and planning.

But here’s what I think. I think this whole midterm tea party election insanity was deliberately orchestrated by those who are really good at doing these kinds of things (Rove, Malek and Gillespie). I think the whole play was to push the right wing all the way to the insane far right — to untenable right wing extremes…and by doing so making the left appear useless, gelded, powerless, stupid, leaderless, irresponsible and unresponsive…and pathetic. And this is pretty well accomplished right about now.

The objective? Well, if you’re going to deliberately push the hard right so far right that the once and now “closet moderate” Republicans start to think seriously about abandoning the party…and if you’re going to make the simpering, whimpering, “do nothing” left — so pathetic that the more moderate left is seriously thing about leaving the party in disgust…then I suspect the objective of all this manipulation very likely has something to do with creating a center left/center right political offering to suck up all those fine folks standing in the middle wondering where there country went.

That’s what I think. And I firmly believe that Rove and Malek et al, are dead center in the development of this brilliant political strategy.

And further I believe that our Tim Pawlenty — has been groomed and shaped and battle tested — and “credentialed” — as the last remaining, utterly reasonable, Midwestern family valued Boy Scout candidate left in America — and is the anointed champion — who will receive the full and dedicated support and campaign funding of Rove and Malek’s American Crossroads in the 2012 Presidential Campaign. Tim Pawlenty…the one true Boy Scout…clean as the driven snow, a solid family man — with just enough of a common sense “right reasoned” conservative political feel to him — to make him look un-slick and upstanding and honest and righteous.

With the help of some friends – Tim has been perfectly “positioned” as the reasonable conservative ideal “man of the people”. A somewhat right of center “centrist” Presidential candidate.

And yes, if the stars don’t line up to pull this off with Pawlenty as a straight up Republican candidate…I’m thinking these guys are so far down the road on this plan – and on grabbing all the chips for the foreseeable future that they will run him as a 3rd Party candidate if they have to.

It’s been a long time coming. But the plan hatched as Wellstone’s plane augered into the ground in a Hibbing forest has finally come to fruition. Tim Pawlenty — The President of the United States.  The neocon President in a Boy Scout uniform.

He scores! And the country is toast for the next 50 years.

Have a great day. Book it.

You heard it here first.

POSTSCRIPT 10/25/2011

OK. Big deal. Pawlenty didn’t make it through the Iowa Straw pole.  But I’m not backing off on this one entirely.  I think my prediction missed by one word…”Vice”.  As in Vice president. In case you missed it, almost immediately after folding his presidential tent — Brother Tim (that’s Morman talk) — was among the very first to throw his support to the Mittster.  No big deal you say…well consider that only a couple of days later, the afore mentioned  slime ball one term US Senator from Minnesota — Norm Coleman,  (see article above) “joined” the Romney campaign as a “senior policy advisor” (whatever the hell that is) and as an advisor to his election campaign.  All of which means, (if you actually read and believed the above article) that our baby faced pit bull Karl Rove with wallet — is in the Romney camp “hilt”.  And so the party begins.  Watch this space.  Tim Pawlenty will be Mitt’s Vice President.  At least I hope so, because I genuinely hate eqivocating.

POSTSCRIPT 9/28/2012

Ok. ok. The kid didn’t make the cut.  Romney picked Paul Ryan. And being left at the VP altar for the second time now (imagine being second to both Sarah and Paul) probably looks like a really good thing to Tim right about now…as the Romney campaign collapses under the weight of forced right-wing extremism and untenably staked out positions. Absolutely breathtaking.  At least I got that part right.

What remains to be seen is what Rove et al does now (beyond washing their hands on the auguring Romney/Ryan cluster-whatever).  I still believe there’s a bigger Rovian “play” here than meets the eye — one to re-form the American political scene — as I suggested in the article I’m once again amending.  And I also believe that no one, in or near Rove’s American Crossroad’s camp, is the least bit surprised that the wooden man with the un-common touch, and whose hands (and tongue) have been tied behind his back by the untenable hyper conservative Tea Party party platform — reached collapse so quickly after the starting gun was fired.  Because Rove is the smartest man in politics and has known the outcome of this debacle since Iowa.

Net, I’m not backing off on my prediction on Rove masterminding the formation of a 3rd Party composed of center right and center left — as a direct outcome of GOP’s self inflicted  dis-embowelment. Nor am I giving up on the prediction that Tim baby will be a center stage player — if he doesn’t overplay his shiny new $1.8 million a year lobbyist job. Makes you wonder how one gets those kind of jobs doesn’t it.

So, hold on…everything’s good — I’m just moving this whole thing back another 4 years.