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No Next. From the “Party of No” to the “Party of Raving F–king Idiots”

May 23, 2011

Not so long ago, there once was a mostly sane but occasionally misguided man who said to President Bush, and a room full of key advisors who were “pumping up” in preparation to invade Iraq with no authority or justifiable basis for the invasion, “Remember gang…you break it, you own it!”  10 years later the words seem prophetic, if understated.  Where is Secretary Powell anyway?

Well.  It seems that the Party of No – who spent the months leading up to the mid-term elections sitting back, quietly throwing money at the largely “whack-o” Tea Party crowd who were riding their cresting rage wave – to get done what they couldn’t get done themselves…which was to elect Republican Party candidates (albeit somewhat different from the usual breed they put up) to coalesce all that pent up hatred and vitriol into majority representation in the House and Senate.   Well, it worked.

Oh boy, did it…leaving us with the tacit reminder that one should always be careful what one wishes for.  With speed and power never anticipated or suspected — the largely “Tea Party” dominated Freshman Class of new house Republican majority — have managed to fill the legislative waste land created by centrist Republican legislators who refused to do anything, or vote on anything, for the past two years…with a legislative nightmare of “shoot the puppy/drown the baby” insanity — that threatens to kill off the whole country in a one shot “blood filled neck” power play that the Republican Party probably won’t be able to live through.

All this being done at a time when most folks are focused on trying to figure how in the name of God they are going to rescue the poor and the aged and the very young — who are being cut off at the knees with cut backs of genuinely essential support services…and who are trying to figure out how to patch up busted personal budgets across the land — when there are no patches left in the system…and when cost for food and energy and medical services are blasting through the stratosphere.  Good luck on that one.

Despite the sense of unreality surrounding this quite incredible upheaval,  the dance intensifies – as does the tension within the Republican Party – and among a watching and breath holding citizenry – as the collision of opposites gets closer — and the resolve ‘not to blink’ strengthens with each seconds progression to the collision point.

And on the left?  Who knows for sure?  It appears that our President is lying low these days.  Waiting to see what’s left after the rage of the right reaches its logical point of conclusion.

What the hell is going on here, you ask?  Way I got it figured, all this is part of a Rovian “divine plan” to co-opt politics in the country as we know it.  Let’s face it, nothing “just happens” in this world.  Not in Tunis or Egypt or Libya.  And certainly not in politics when neocons still live and roam the sacred halls — and when Rove is still in the game. 

My bet is that those who created the insane right tea party asylum – have deliberately pushed conservative politics to a point clearly beyond where reason and reconciliation are still operative.  Did it absolutely deliberately…to break the machine.

It’s also my belief that the utter “uselessness” of the left for the past 3 years, has driven what’s left of the liberal/progressive Democratic party to a point where most folks are searching for anything (absolutely anything) that might hold hope of being able to fix the desperately screwed system — that is so corrupt that it has lost the ability to fix itself.  And good luck with that as well.

So, here we are at the end of the first leg of the Rovian Highway (well maybe not at the end…finding ourselves on our respective sides of “Impasse Chasm”.  Right where we are supposed to be — at precisely the moment we were expected to be here. 

Left on one side — right on the other.  Glaring at each other across the divide.  Dead solid stop.  Wondering how the hell we got here this fast — without ever realizing this was our preordained destination all along (where did we think we were going to end up?).

Tomorrow, (quite literarily) everything grinds to a halt.  No compromise solutions in sight.  Not even a “rigged compromise” can fly this time — like the one we had in with the ObamaCare healthcare compromise package…or, like we had in the Financial Reform package that sounded so good there for a moment …but never did a damn thing about getting a leash on those peckerwoods who destroyed our country.

Nope, I’m afraid we’re all compromised out.  And give or take some high extraneous drama on “same sex marriage” or on “collective bargaining issues” — or brinksmanship debate on how deep does one cuts secondary education while not increasing taxes…almost every state in the nation is finding themselves in precisely the same paralyzed position…at exactly the same moment.  Done…and spent out…with no arrows or tricks left to shoot or play.

And next week the Federal budget will hit the debt ceiling wall as well — if that’s even possible — and the whole game may just shut down for lack of viable, acceptable, agreeable options.  Screwed…for all intents and purposes.  No “next”.

About all that’s left that one can do — is to pray that a savior…a savior with a plan…shows up.  Or at least a “savior like” illusion of a leader – who can pretend they have a plan…shows up.  One who hopefully is smarter than hell (or at least makes us think they are)…who can inspire confidence, with rhetoric and charm and magnetism — if not really good planning content…and actual leadership skills. 

Someone who we can collectively bless and anoint as the “people’s leader”.  Someone who will protect us from being eaten and exploited by those who we have elected to serve and to protect and guide us. 

Someone who will help us put away our differences. Who we can all get behind (yes, left and right) — and who we can collectively follow.  Someone who can make our lives and homes and neighborhoods and towns and cities and states and nation — and the the whole world– a better and safer, and more secure, and fairer, and more just, place.  Someone who can rebuild social, political, financial and, indeed, moral infrastructures — that will insure that our individual and collective futures will be better for ourselves and better for our future generations.  Someone who can unify and re-ignite belief in ourselves — and in our country’s core values and attitudes.  Someone who can bring light and hope and joy back into our lives. 

Newt?  Michelle? Donald? Mike? Mitt?  Barack?

(Yeah.  I know…)