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10 good reasons to vote your ass off next Tuesday:

October 27, 2010

1. To provide tangible evidence that you’re not alone out there thinking the inmates have taken over the asylum — and that Democrats who morphed into liberals, who then became Nazi socialist progressives — and then just up and disappeared — have actually just been laying low suckering the right wing crazy folks in for the slaughter.
2. To establish the fact that the casting of an entirely futile vote in the face of a tsunami of opposition is actually the last pathetic act of desperation that can still occur — not whining and whimpering as you’ve been lead to believe.
3. To provide a basis of evidence that perfectly intelligent people were actually present on earth — and actually disagreed with the right wing crazy bastards who in 2010 swept incompetence and stupidity into control of both the House and the Senate that tanked the country and the world economy and the righteous American way.  And to substantiate any and all claims of “I told you that would happen if you actually elect that asshole”.
4. To remind Michelle Bachman (pick your personal favorite here) that despite her incredibly disingenuous win over right reason…that she’s still not approved of by a whole lot of people…and never will be.
5. To establish once and for all that a man can still cast a vote for the right person without having once opened a single piece of Campaign spam from any candidate at any level — or any group — or individual…except for the day that John Kerry sent out 3 pieces of spam in one day and I just couldn’t believe it and had to see what he could possibly find that important.  Oh and once one from James Carville because I had just seen a piece on PBS which established the fact that his family once owned a place where lepers were treated.
6. To keep the voting apparatus working and reasonably well oiled in the advent that we “hit bottom” in my life time — and hit it hard enough to where we are finally moved to fix all the campaign financing and corporate acquisition of elected representatives that has screwed this country senseless — and are moved to restore voting integrity and the American election process to a point where the drill resumes it’s worthiness once again.
7. To channel our collective rage, hope, despair and frustration…and most of all, incredulity, into a dark hole for 2 more years…while we watch the legislative “dance of the bought and sold” prove unequivocally — and one more time — that the way the game is rigged these days voting just doesn’t matter much.  Despite the music…despite the words…despite the skill of the speakers speaking…the game is fixed and we lose. 
8. To use the betrayal of the election process to stoke up our self righteous indignation — and to piss us off enough — to stop the bribery and the hijacking of our political candidate’s and representative’s loyalty and integrity during the campaign phase of candidate selection.  And finally get us to move to create the laws to put those who bribe — and those who take bribes — and who make the tricky deals — in jail for betrayal, treason and fraud.  Oversight and recall might be nice as well.
9. To complete your red I Voted sticker collection.
10. So you can say “yes” when someone asks you if you voted…and not have to feel the added shame of knowing you lied about it.
(Sorry about these last couple. I really wanted to get 10, but I peaked too early on this apparently…)


Program notes…

October 8, 2010

Eliminating character defects can be a scary thought for people trying to get their lives turned around.  Many people truly believe that it’s their defects that give them their uniqueness as individuals.  Truth is…many people are terrified by the notion of eliminating character defects because they fear that maybe at the end of the process of cleaning up their lives they will end up with no character at all.  For many the thought of having no character translates into “not having a self”…and that truely is terrifying.

The big issue here isn’t about a loss of self…but rather “what does one replace the lost character defects with?”  What fills the hole if you take away “fear”… or diminished self esteem? What replaces grandiosity or the coping mechanisms of self delusion and blaming others for your bad luck and problems and behavior?  How does one act, if procrastination and denial aren’t there to defuse reality and to keep uncomfortable issues away from you.  How does one act if he/she no longer has anger and careening volatile rage to keep people from getting in too close…or from holding you accountable?  What goes in that hole?  What replaces all those insane mechanisms that kept us functioning while the world was crumbling around us?  What happens next?  How do I act?  What do I do with my hands, for god’s sake?

Does the program just magically “fill in” the hole that this step of recovery creates.  Or is there more to the process of becoming the person you want to be.

Well yes actually. Both are true.  Yes the program does fill in much of the space we are trying to repair.  It just does.  Going to meetings frequently and taking them seriously…listening to what is being said…seeing how people are dealing with change and what they are doing to change their lives…seeing the results within the individuals and the community — and acknowledging that many of the transformations we see are truly miracles…and emulating the program behavior you see happening around you by people who are successful in their person recovery – does fill in a lot of the space character defects once occupied.  We do indeed become saner, more honest, more genuine and real, less blaming and more responsible for our own behavior…and more aware of moral and ethical issues and personal responsibilities…and more compassionate and understanding in our relationships…just by being there.  It happens as promised, and all it requires is trying – and staying connected to the recovery community.

But there’s a lot more that is required of us to repair the person we once were — and to successfully become the person we want to be.  To become a connected, integrated, intentional, on purpose, genuine, reality grounded human being…who lives in the present and is consistently aware and honest and appropriate in relationships.

It begins with the question most recovering people find themselves asking somewhere around the time that they are ready to start getting serious about changing. The questions are the ones most people find impossible to deal with. Simple questions evoking answers with huge consequence.  If taken seriously.

Who am I?  What do I believe in?  What do I care about?  What’s important to me?  What kind of person am I? What kind of person do I want to be?  What do I have to do to become that person?  How much do I really care about what I said were my beliefs?  Enough to commit myself to acting out of them?  How much do I really care about what I said I really care about?  Enough to commit a portion of my life to doing something about it?   Those kinds of questions.  Those kinds of answers.  That level of honesty and clarity and commitment to change to be the person you want to be.

Because that’s what it takes if you’re really serious about changing the trajectory of your life.  At some point, the game of change gets real serious and deliberate.  And it starts with the belief that the task of change is worth it to you as a person.

By the way, the exact same process is true for effecting change in screwed up and misguided corporations. 

No two ways about it…senior leadership is solely responsible for what a corporation accepts as mission and purpose and for business ethics and the way the company and its employees deport themselves.  If the corporate entity has adopted a perverted sense of mission and purpose and what it expects from its employees at all levels…then the problem is a management problem.  The management needs to be changed or be lead to acknowledge that change is necessary. 

That requires the willingness to change.  Acknowledging that something is wrong with the way the corporation is running its business.  Identifying, acknowledging, and indeed “owning” what went wrong – coming to grips with the endemic corporate character defects that exist and need to be changed.  Entering into and being a genuine and real partner with the communities you serve and depend upon – earning their trust and respect and friendship. Listening to them.  Valuing them.  Making organic change in the corporation and insuring that the corporate beliefs and values and ethics that are worthy of pursuit…and are inculcated throughout the corporation.  Really, really meaning it.  It’s entirely a leadership driven process. 

If you don’t believe in what your doing, it’s all just bullshit.

How to interpret it, when corporations give you the finger

October 8, 2010

Normally…we’ve come to expect in this country…that when someone does a major bad — and gets caught doing it – that the “bad one” first makes a shameful retreat…until they screw up the courage to make an appearance — where they apologize for the wrongs that have been done — and the transgressions they made — and for all the people they’ve hurt…and then go through the compulsory acknowledgement of their unworthiness as members of the human race and as participants in society…and the fade into zones of unrequited shame (self imposed exile, prison, sex/drug/gambling rehab, mental institution, home confinement) where nothing more is heard from them. 

Until, of course, they re-emerge…mandatory penance obligations under way, or completed…expressions of resolve to never transgress again…and intentions to re-enter the world with the sole objective to make the worlds they abused – a better and more moral and ethical place for us all.  One free from predators…like themselves.

Normally, we’ve come to expect…getting caught evokes a certain level of shocked embarrassment, shame, guilt…and triggers some version of public self flagellation (breast beating at minimum): “Oh my, what was I thinking…how could I have been thinking that this was OK”…” or, the “Please forgive me my totally human weakness and slip into depravity.” 

Those of us in the program (yes, “that” program) know this space as “the bottom” – the point where denial “don’t hunt no more”…and it’s “come to Jesus time”.  That is, if you really mean it.  If you don’t mean it, all these words are complete manipulative bullshit.  A sociopath would know what I’m talking about here.

So would most anyone who believes that the big banks, big businesses, big energy/oil companies, outsourced military suppliers, big Pharma and health care insurance companies they are running…are “too big, or too important, to fail”.   Or, are “too big to stop”.   Or, “too politically insulated” to have to worry much about legislation or rules changes or oversight changes negatively effecting their personal and corporate well being…because they’ve been buying legislators and legislation influencers to insure their space at the trough for years”. 

It is quite apparent after these past 2 years in particular — that the bad guys that comprise the “too big to give a shit about anything they’ve done…or are doing…to rig the system” and who blatantly have had their way with this country no matter what how outrageous the deceit required to pull their scams off may have been — no matter how massively risky the ventures may have been in terms of failure consequence — are incapable of contrition.  They flat out, don’t give a damn. 

And in the space where expressions of embarrassment, guilt, and apology are usually inserted – these guys won’t even acknowledge that they gamed the system…or that they had anything what-so-ever to do with bringing the economy, the ecology, the whole system of governance (whatever the venue) to the brink of collapse. Not a regret, nor an apology, nor a mea culpa uttered.  Pretty hard core bunch.

And, while it’s clear these guys aren’t admitting or apologizing for anything – it also pretty clear that they aren’t real interested in fixing things so the consequence of their self centered brinksmanship can’t ever be repeated by others just like them. 

In fact, these guys so don’t give a damn — that what they seem to be most interested in, is to make sure any change that is proposed to keep things from reoccurring, is watered down enough to allow them to keep on doing precisely what they were doing that was so incredibly destructive in the first place.  I mean how fucked is that for bass nuts.

In essence, in defiance of Roberts Rules of Shame, Guilt, Public Contrition and Penance that we have come to expect from the really major wrong doers in this society – these “too big to tolerate” creeps are hoisting a middle finger in the air to those they have gamed and advantaged – and are directly challenging us to “just try” to make them care about what they did. 

It’s time we accepted the challenge of their raised middle fingers — and take these bastards on.   And with them, all the bought up perverted politicians they rely on to keep the games going. 

Like right now.  Otherwise getting the game back under control again is never going to happen.  This is way out of control gang.