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Reindeer games…

September 20, 2010

The expiration of the Bush tax break for the rich has to have the President feeling a bit like Poor Rudolph these days.  All of the other Reindeer have been laughing at him and calling him names…and, as push is turning into shove…it’s becoming increasingly clear that the firmly entrenched “I’ve got mine” old reindeer guard have absolutely no intention of allowing poor Rudolph to play in any of the reindeer games — let alone change them.

Nope.  No way.  The “I’ve got mine…and I have no intention of letting some red nosed little peckerwood upset the apple cart that my golden goose is sitting on…just to waste a lot of money (my money…for God’s sake!) to save the groveling pathetic and unworthy…un-save-able.  Are you kidding me?” Are you people dense or something? 

Reindeer games are games for winners!

If you are not a winner you don’t get to play reindeer games. In fact, you so don’t get to play reindeer games — that unless you are really canny – or had occasion to peek behind the screen…you likely aren’t even aware that there’s a game going on.  And for sure, if you’re that dense, it certainly hasn’t occurred to you that there not only is a game going on…but that “in it or not” your ass has been played off — without you even knowing it.  A glance at the score board will tell you the score is a zillion to one…and that unwittingly you have become a stone cold loser. And the other thing you might notice — is that the game is in the final seconds — and that the end is coming at you like a freight train….after which even your whimpering (which is the sound that occurs after you’ve had “whining” beaten the hell out of you)  won’t make any difference anymore.  Because the game will be over. 

So.  Here’s what you missed while you were busy listening to the “red nosed one” as he was telling you that all was about to be set right with the world – and that the great tax break for the rich — that was Bush’s second or third most obscene act of domestic economic terror – was going to expire – and that everything was going to be good and fair again…and that the taxes the rich haven’t had to pay for the past 10 years will be back on stream again.

Well, with all that excitement holding your attention, you missed the part where all those rich folks who benefited so handsomely during the roll up of wealth to the top 5% of the population while all the rest of us were busy sucking pond water…were making sure that all those fine elected officials that we worked so hard to elect and sent to Washington to save our asses and to guide our sleigh though the economic nightmare – were locked and loaded (by powerful reindeer) – to kill off any change that would take away their tax break…or would change their game.

Cool huh?  And you never even knew what a reindeer game was.  That’s why Rudolph was never allowed to play.  It’s a closed game.  Reindeer, ‘what have’, own the game…and control the rules and game completely. Until one foggy reckoning day when things start to get out of hand a bit…and then, and only then, the red nosed little peckerwood  gets asked to guide the sleigh of state for a while.  It’s a default thing.

But then there’s the possibility that Rudolph is already playing in the Reindeer games.  I mean, who’s to know.  That’s what these games are all about.  Feel excluded?  Feel worked over?  Gamed?


Mr. President…it’s time for a Hail Mary play

September 13, 2010


People are dying out here Mr. President…and nobody’s listening to you much anymore.  Afraid you’re toast sir. Your mouth is moving and your talking real good like always…but what you say sounds like Bill Clinton at the end of his trail where he blithered on endlessly about how he was going to take care of this and that and everything…and got absolutely nothing done.  You’re at the beginning sir.  He was at the end.


You need to do something that can get done…pretty much by presidential edict. Things you can initiate by yourself and control.  Here are 10 things that can be done relatively simply and quickly — where you will have a massive amount of public support to succeed.  ‘Side of the angels’ and ‘just cause’ issues.

One. Reinstitute integrity and law back into the deliberative process. You need to make us proud of being American again. Rebuild your Justice department. Strap a couple of pairs of balls on them.  Clean the place up. Start with full court press on the Bush Administrations’ illegal actions…

  • Find out about how Bush got elected. Both times. Prosecute
  • Find out the truth about the Twin Towers mess. Prosecute
  • Find out about how we got into the war in Iraq. Prosecute
  • Find out about backroom deals made with energy companies. Prosecute.
  • Burn Chaney for the Wilson outing.  Burn Bush if he’s in it.
  • Put people in jail. The country needs a sign of purpose and intent. You blew this one sir.  People broke the law and maybe the country as well, and were not punished.


Two. Launch another full court press on all those involved in the dismantling of regulatory powers of the SEC…and determine who deliberately opened the door for the impossible to happen. 

  • Find out what happened, who did it and what their scope of involvement was — and put the people who paved the way, and broke the rules, and gamed the system — and who killed off the county, in jail.  Now. Or if the crime is great enough hang them.
  • Separate banking from the securities markets. Now.
  • Fire Gietner and Summers immediately.  Go get Cuomo out of retirement or Spritzer,  or Paul Krugman (or all of them) to run the show. Get serious for god’s sake.
  • Get a Consumer Protection entity in place tomorrow.


Three. Starting this second, initiate a full court press on lobbyists who buy votes and influence…and those legislators who take the money — and shut this crap down – now. 

  • Put people who broke the laws — by changing the laws — in jail. 
  • Put the people who offered the legislators money in jail. 
  • Put the people who took the money in jail.  Period. 
  • Declare a independent oversight commission to ride herd on the Senate and House activities at all levels with subpoena power.
  • Reinstate effective laws that will stop this nonsense where a few purchased legislators can game the process to the point where we can no longer fix ourselves.  (Targets: Phama/Medical insurance companies/military equipment and service providers/banking and securities/oil and gas companies/foreign countries).


Four. Reinstitute the FCC rules on media ownership that once precluded consolidation of news media in this country.  What we have right now is obscene.

  • Make news stations responsible for what they say…and for slander. 
  • Break up the media giants today. 
  • Put some power in the FCC as a regulatory entity. 
  • Stop reading people’s e-mail…and all the rest of the privacy invasive data collection the government is collecting right this minute (banking info, credit card purchases, internet search info, medical files, and phone files, movement tracking files, social and business networking files). And stop it immediately.  You’ll go down on this one.


Five. Change the tax laws from the ludicrously complex impossible system we have now — that favors the upper income folks and corporations and allows them to get rich and stay rich while not generating enough money to pay the bills — to a down and dirty simple flat tax that can be administrated by chipmunks…that does pay the bills. 

  • Stop this insanity! 
  • Everybody pays. 
  • Tax every check that gets written to someone and every account that get credited. 
  • Personal and corporate.


Six. Take a hike on your disastrously complex health care bill that doesn’t have the public option (which the entire country has said it wants) and develop a universal health care plan that has it as a center point focus.  Get it right this time.  Rahm is not right.

  • Put it to a national health care vote.
  • Let the insurance companies figure out what to do about once it’s done. 
  • Screw them.  The people want and need this. They are broke and are getting broker.


Seven. Develop strict controls on key industries influencing the public sector welfare.

  • Nationalize the oil companies. 
  • Re regulate the phone companies, the media companies, gas and oil utilities, the airline industry, and anything else that ended up fleecing the citizens of this country. 
  • Get the rules of the road re-established and clean for: banking, securities, food safety, communications companies’ use of public airways, product safety, health care. Now.


Eight. Develop Task Forces — with substantial seed funding — to deal with rebuilding virtually every broken and screwed up institution in this county.  They’re all a mess.

  • Education (all levels)
  • Government/ Bureaucratic Process
  • Electoral system and campaign financing. Get this done for god’s sake!
  • Judicial system and re-work the Laws to fit the times.
  • Religious tolerance in a intolerant State
  • Healthcare (get the damn public option in this thing!)
  • Energy (all levels)
  • Banking and financial Institutions (How about a redesign and rewrite of the whole banking and securities system (national and worldwide). What we have now is irrelevant and doesn’t work.
  • Social Services/Welfare
  • Transportation
  • Criminal Justice
  • Business (Capitalism?)


Nine. Identify, develop and implement alternative energy and natural resources utilization plans for key usage sectors.

  • Transportation
  • Home heating/air conditioning (retrofitting and new installation)
  • Manufacturing
  • Waste reclamation and utilization
  • Water utilization


Ten. Start breaking some legs in the Banking and Securities industries.

  • Introduce the “fear of god” into the equation. 
  • Bring criminal suits against the really bad players who engineered the destruction of the economy and the banking system. 
  • Put people in jail without bail — and let them sue their way out. 
  • Clean house and replace advisors with people who aren’t drawn from the enemies team.
  • Get the financial reform job done that you should have gotten done before the corporations and lobbyist’s called in all their markers.


Punch lines.

Get stuff going Mr. President. And keep it focused on making the country a better place…a more honest and ethical and real and simpler and sustaining place.  Don’t worry about the right wing nonsense.  Right reason and just cause will win this one.  No equivocation.  No blinking.  Tough it through.  Scare the “Party of No” and the Blue Dog obstructionists into believing if they won’t do what’s right and ethical this time around when it’s absolutely critical that this country pulls itself together – that they will be revealed to their constituents just how sorry and duplicitous they are and have been…or let them understand they will be prosecuted for taking money and selling votes…if that’s the case.

Establish mandates and cause directions and do things that make people’s lives better…and that employ people in meaningful jobs that make them thrilled to be part of the greater and bigger dream. 

There are about a billion jobs here, if I’m anywhere’s near right.  Plus committing this country to a bold new direction that makes sense to absolutely everyone, will catalyze a massive ground swell of committed support that will keep you President forever. 

Have you seen Avatar yet?  You need to get the trees and those little jelly fish things in this man.  Stop thinking like a human.  It’s screwing you up. 

Banks, and oil companies and the drug companies and the military — and lobbyists, and bought and paid for politicians — don’t have worthy dreams. Nothing I’m signing up for anyway. We need you to win sir.  You’re the only hope we have…and playing nice and footsie with bad guys is a losing hand for the country. It’s time man. Get things going Mr. President..

Or be prepared to hear Sarah’s laughter ringing in your ears.

Increasingly impatiently yours,

Liberal Joe Democrat