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The Elephant at the Tea Party

April 16, 2010

The irony isn’t lost on anyone…at least it isn’t when one puts together the pieces bonding the growing legions of seemingly disparate Tea Baggers — into the single pissed off and terrified herd of rage spewing “hell no-ers” spontaneously popping up around the country like metastasizing toxic crocuses this spring. Well that’s what it looks like to me anyhow.

It seems to be fear and hate’s season to inherit the wind…

And quite a spectacle it is.  Mostly overweight (at least from what I’ve seen on TV), unemployed and beyond middle age,  placard carrying “hell no-ers” filled with spew…armed with spittle (and maybe even actual “arms”) – stoked by quasi  racist epithet wielding middle aged “babe politicians” whose primary skills seem confined to perverting language and thoughtful discourse into crass and unfortunately memorable slogans — the primary intent of which seems to be to trivialize actions taken by anyone considered the enemy (anyone trying to do anything)…and to demean the instigators of those actions personally.  But more on that later…and yes, of course, I’m referring to Sarah and Michelle.

Here’s what one needs to remember when one is trying to stand up to (above?) a Tea Bagger onslaught being delivered by once close friend whose Glenbeckian intensity makes continuing friendship a questionable exercise.  This will help I think.

Baggers, despite their leadership’s attempt to portray themselves as a populist assembly of Americans from all walks and political persuasion – coalesced by a mutual concern for America’s integrity — the current administration’s hard left turn towards Nazi style socialism – and away from the purity and sanctity of the founding fathers carefully honed constitutional precepts…are…in reality, a pretty homogeneous political group. Tea Baggers are cut from almost entirely “conservative” whole cloth it appears.  And they are, (let’s hear it for homogeneity), like most of the rest of us who are assaying the rubble we find ourselves dealing with at almost every level of our lives…scared shitless about where this all leads.  So. Politics aside at least we have one point of agreement — the scared shitless part.

Back to the politics part.  And this is the interesting and ironic part I promised at the outset.

One of the more important things about understanding the Tea Bagger’s “heat” and “passion” – and apparent ease in living with mixed metaphors and garbled logic and deliberate denial and warped senses of reality — found abundant in the Tea Bagger emotionally supercharged and fully loaded philosophy…begins with the embracement of the thought that these exact same “folks who protest  too much” — are precisely the same people who zealously supported all the insane conservative dismantling of the financial controls and regulatory controls and governmental oversight, that created this incredible mess in the first place.

It was these exact same Tea Baggers who applauded deregulation…and the dismantling of the SEC, and the gelding of Securities oversight bodies…and the Feds unfettering of the free market forces…and the tacit support of exuberant excesses that repeatedly created and fed the 20 year sequential “balloon economy” (set in place by President Reagan) that finally crashed and bled out in 2008.

They also were also the ones who cheered on the consolidation of wealth and power in the gigantic corporate “roll up” of the American economy — and who cheered the dismantling of social networks and support programs (remember Bush’s attempt to privatize Social Security)…and applauded the consolidation of banking and consumer lenders and their merging with mean spirited hawk nosed  securities firm sharpies…and who cheered the Bush “ownership society” that allowed the poor to participate in the American home ownership dream — that turned out to be a nightmare.

Yes, it was this very same group who supported the wholesale dismantling of media ownership laws and regulations that lead to the consolidation of news media in this country. Who then applauded their handiwork by institutionalizing the very same Fox News and “hair-on-fire” conservative agenda press at all levels by embracing the Limbaughs, Hannitys, Becks and O’Reillys they created — and then allowed themselves to be smoked and spun senseless by the incessant media spew that told them what they wanted to hear.

And yes it was this very same Tea Bagger swarm who bought into…and then insisted that the Neocon agenda was right and good and proper and fitting for America…and that war with Sadham was good and right and indeed justified — and that the expenditure of mega billions in the pursuit of terrorists was noble and also justified — and that all the dollars spent on Blackwater and Haliburton and all the other big time defense players and “off balance sheet” service providers who were eating our national treasure at a single meal, was worth every penny spent on the feast.  “They bombed the twin towers for god’s sake” (…well, no they didn’t actually).

And just because this is my bully pulpit, I feel the need to point out that this very same exact group of folks also defended humiliating and beating the shit out of suspected terrorists — the suspension of habeas corpus, and keeping suspected bad guys in prison forever without recourse.  And they thought the bullying and vilification of dissenters everywhere was just fine also.  “You’re either with us or against us.”   Yep.  Those exact same folks.  And now they’re pissed…because they feel betrayed…and because they are scared shitless.  Now that’s pretty ironic, don’t you think?

I’m not done yet. One more piece.

And the Tea Baggers collectively are blaming Obama and the party that was beaten into silence by the Bush administration warlords — and was virtually non-existent as a political entity up until a year ago — for all the ills and woes in the world — and in America — and in their lives.  And they are blaming Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid too.  Bad, bad, bad!  “Evil” bad.  Not just “regular” bad.  Like “biblically” bad. Certainly not because they are niggers, fags, castrating bitches and simpering wimps. No, no. Never that.

And here’s the genuinely “ironic as hell” part of all this.  They are blaming a man who wasn’t even there when they sowed all these seeds of “self/mass destruction” during the youthful exuberance era. We’re talking white hot venom directed at the man who showed up after the freight train from hell pulled into the station.  Vilifying the young President who is doing his best to contain the incredible worldwide and life threatening damage accruing directly from the policies that the Tea Baggers once vehemently supported – and whose accumulated effect they are now railing against.

So.  Here we are, we have a President and a House and Senate comprising a majority political party who are attempting to stop the bleeding — and to get something going — to pull our collective asses out of the death spiral this country (and indeed the world) finds itself in.  One would think the Tea Baggers would be interested in helping to solve the cause of their fears.  That seems appropriate, one would think.

But not apparently to the “hell no” Tea Baggers.  Nope.  They say no. Choosing not to participate at all in attempting to develop solutions to the dead serious problems our country and world are facing…that they were largely responsible for supporting and for allowing to occur.  Instead they rail and bitch and threaten to break, wreck and destroy the people who are trying to clean up the mess before the whole thing collapses.

Hating someone for trying to fix the mess you created.  That’s really fucked when you get right down to it.  Tea Party, indeed.

These are actions taken by rage filled people who blame others for the problems they refuse to take ownership of.  People, whose anger flows directly from fear and feelings of powerlessness…and from the shame and guilt that comes from knowing — despite all the posturing and bluster and attempts at self delusion — that it was their stupidity and blind support to the messages of the ideologs  that they anointed  and supported and cheered on… that created the mess they’re railing against.

There. Now I’m done.  Well…maybe not.